Monday, September 20, 2010

Actress MONALISA CHINDA Marks birthday

Actress and Glo Ambassador Monalisa chinda, marked her birthday party yesterday, Sunday 19th of Sept. at Aura night club on the Island. The party was all fun as many of her colleagues were in attendance. It’s obvious that Monalisa has gotten over her failed marriage and now rocking life too d fullest. Here’s wishing her a happy belated bufday.
But I will still say my own… this ladies should please stop falling out of marriage, cos it seems they are making it like a trend now. If I start mentioning names, I won’t leave here today. Pls stop sending wrong signals to the younger folks. Marrying career? As if the career is even there, lol.


  1. def agree with u on will come and go but marriage does not come easily...but at least she's happy. if u r not sure don't get married.

  2. If you are not sure don't get married, yes u r rite. I think one thing this celebs lack is d right men. When they see true luv, they say oh, he is too small for me, they tend to tak dem selves more than who they r, thats y they fail.