Monday, September 20, 2010

Actress Susan Peters Buys Range Rover

She started acting back in the days. But when the likes of us started watching Nigerian home videos, we couldn’t find her. If you call her a onetime actress you are not so wrong. But I learnt she is trying to get her fit back into Nollywood. But here’s the gist: the actress just acquired a N14.5M Range Rover and has been cruising around town with it. Come to think of it, when was the last time she acted in a movie? Hmm, my thoughts.
PICS: thnks to Niyi tabiti


  1. i think by now we all know most nigerian actresses have other things on the side...not boutiques....but u know what i mean...*wink* or maybe a fan gave it to her?

  2. Yes sure u are right.. they shld stop making us feel, oh its there hard earn money, no way!

  3. Sex for money is also acting because it's not real or love. I honourably conclude that she is an actress. The ladies of nollywood make more money than the men cos the women are glorified call girls. Everyone knows. You will never find a nollywood actress in heaven. Lol.