Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ex Boy Alinco Is Dead Broke.

He doesnt hv a better pic
Bayo Bankole who a lot of his fans refer to as Boy Alinco due to the role he played for nine years in Papa Ajasco and company, his currently not having the best of times as an actor, even as I write this. Though I have been hearing the rumour of him been broke, but I decided to ignore it. Bayo was spotted recently looking so rough and un kept. From his hair strands down to his toes, outfit?……. Oh mine! It was indeed a bad day! One thing is clear, this actor is sure good at what he knows how to do best. One only wonders why he is not getting roles from movie producers. If he doesn’t get a job, how will he survive?  Pls this memo is going out to whom it may concern, especially movie producers….. Pls this actor needs your help; he needs a job, so that he can get paid. He needs to live a good life too you know, God bless you as you adhere to this. So who thinks I’m dissing Alinco? Hmm, I’m evening been tempted to make a list of musicians who doesn’t have a single car and pretends to own two or more. Or even music stars that manages one tokunbo car, and claim they earn millions, even some actors too. Let me hear anyone laugh about this, and let’s see if I won’t make my list.


  1. Hmm, i hope this pple wont bite you one day. You write exactly the way you write in Reality Magazine... What name do you use at City people magazine, i saw one of your write ups.

  2. lol... d way in write in d magagzine? Dnt u like it?

  3. my dear, ask d rest of the actors and d actors and d actresses if they made it from acting only? all u hv to say is ask them to show Alinco d other way lol, as for me i know is not from acting alone bcus i hv been there b4 expecially d ladies lolz lolz

  4. yeah i agree with anon 11.31...the ladies have "uncles"..but alinco shud have had a plan life everyone shud always have a plan B if not you'll regret.

  5. Hmm, its sad bcus i think this actor is indeed a great one.