Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ghanaian Actor Van Vicker counts blessings

The Ghanaian actor who got more popular with Nigerian movies, Van Vicker has been asking people to help him thank his creator. In his words, he said ‘I'm from a humble background, never imagined that  one day I would be able to pay bride price, raise (support) three kids, own a house, buy cars, have a bank account, own finer things, touch lives and even help others. It’s not my might, it’s His Grace. I'm blessed. Now, I see an even brighter future’. Wow, it is sometimes good to be grateful to God and never forget Him as the source. It does nothing to you than to make you humble, and even get more blessings. Yelz o


  1. Wow.... This guy looks so kul..... meeennn

  2. i have always been a fan of this guy lol

  3. i think i

  4. hi van so true my daer god must be glorified for all your achievements continue to give him thank. love you charmaine