Thursday, September 30, 2010

It’s almost Independence Day……

Ok, have got like four – five invitations now. And the one’s with my Editor I’m sure we can’t count. Hmm, well he is yet to give me any, but I know I’m getting the major part of it. So this is it, how many will I attend? Honestly, I don’t want to attend even one! lol, but I’m serious. I’m kind of tired attending events these days, may be next year I will continue flying around town, but  for now, there’s something in me, that wants me to stay back and just work from the studio or the office, except I have to conduct an interview, lol. Sowee for this boring post guys…..Hmm, but I have got a big friend, who sticks with me just like a big brother. He has an event tomorrow evening on the Island, and that’s like my event too…. So I must be there ooo….. plus have got an hotel room to sleep, if I must….But ozone make I just tell u o, let me stay back, cos if I come, na everything I see I will talk o. These celebs had better know this, lol.


  1. Will u take me along plsss? And why didn't you put your picture?

  2. So my friend is just flying high, hmm... What abt that thing you wrote back in sec sch Ladun?

  3. Who is UK.. I only no u comment on this blog. My sec sch frnd? Pls send me a mail, biko,lol.

  4. Enjoy jare, what else can one do eh?