Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Will Never Make The Same Mistake My Father Made......M.I

So, M.I has dropped the shocker. For ya’ll who has been day dreaming about rap artiste M.I, I mean the short ladies, had better look else where. The rapper has come out to say, he is not ready to make the same mistake his father made, by marrying a short woman. According to him, ‘I can never marry a short woman, because I don’t want my kids to be short’. Is this ‘short’ thing getting at M.I? Well if you think you have got the height and of course you love the rapper, then keep trying your luck, as your chances with him are very high.


  1. i think it's harder for short men than women..cuz many tall men love short girls but tall girls still love tall men..look at supermodels...only someone like oluchi who is 6'4...i mean that's not normal that's why she married her husand who is shorter. but real tall women like from 5'7-5'11 always marry taller men. M.I is going to have to wait cuz the short girls don't want him and tall girls don't either. i feel sad for him, but i think he shud take advice from teju...teju babyface's girlfriend is like the same height with him. teju tried and failed with the tall girls..and it was even harder cuz all the short girls didn't also want him, so he went for the avg height girl (5'4-5-6).

  2. hoping he will hear u gurl.....