Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sheyman also drops single for BRF

So my brothers from another mother, Sheyman, LKT and Reminisce(young shall grow), have also dropped a single for Gov. Babatunde Fashola. In fact I don’t know what is wrong with this my brain, won’t I also think of what to do for BRF?  Ladun, biko think fast… Hoping this will convince Sheyman we still dey together,lol.


  1. ha ha Ladun, wht could hav happened btw u and ur music friends, cuz i knw u cant leave dem, or is it they can't leave u, lol.

  2. why didnt u use ur name... na u sabi o, pple will always beef u, and its a free world, shey i say mak u no b their friend? no dey beef me o, hahaha, jst kidding.

  3. wher can i hear the songs pls