Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just Me...

I know I have not been blogging well, I'm sorry I have just been too busy. You know I don't like when people come here and don't find something new to read, it makes me feel sick. But i just can't help it, cuz money first, lol. I'm really; really sorry.... will keep trying my best…muawh.... this girl won't stop laughing o, yes I know I can't live in Ghana. Cheers

Meet Sumbo And Kids

Here’s Sumbo and kids. Does anyone in that pic look like a popular musician making money everyday? I know you can all see Tuface in those boys,lol. Sumbo is one of his babymama’s and she has been said to be the best behaved... Plus i think she is the most beautiful too.

I Love

Does anyone love Rita’s outfit? I just love it! She looks amazing.

Banky W, Sasha Named Best Dressed

Yo! And am loving this. Rapper Sasha and Banky W have just been named best dressed female and male artist of the year by FAB at their just concluded event last night. Don't I love this two? Hmm, I love Sasha so tey, I named my female dog Sasha, and the male one, of course Terry g, lol. I'm sure most people by now know I love Terry g, madness or no madness and that settles it. Just that I have decided to take it cool on him (publicity wise), especially now that I have decided to make this blog a networking one,lol. But that doesn't mean I won't sometimes smack him. Banky rocks!  We love him, and we can’t but thank him for making some of us fall in love with r&b music.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hear Emeka Ike o...

Here’s what actor Emeka Ike said about Nollywood, a place where he also belongs. I like Emeka’s acting skills, that I can’t deny…meen….lol. Hear him, ‘Nollywood is not undergoing a lull as a matter of fact, the industry is dead right now. If you know how much Nollywood has been trampled upon you will know that there is no movie made right now that is structured on the Nollywood you and I use to know. What you see going on right now are perhaps the small boys around the industry in those days making some of the few movies you have around now. They love the art and since they have not been given any chance, they decide to call their friends together to do some low budget films. They try to feature a couple of known faces. They are just trying to sustain the business that has been crippled, bastardized, trampled upon and hijacked’. Small boys? Is anyone laughing? OMG

Queen Ure All Alone

Ure with Soul e
Queen Ure, hope you remember her? The older lover of music act Soul E is in the news again, but these time not so bad a negative news. She recently attended an event and we learnt all through her stay she was all alone.  An amebo who was also at the occasion scooped us that the onetime jovial pretty mother sat down quietly by herself all through the event. ‘I wonder what she has come to do here, considering her new status as a Pastor’ the amebo also stated.  

Shebaby Is Pregnant

Musician cum actress shebaby according to sources is currently expecting her first child. The babe who started up as a musician before delving into the movie world is currently pregnant for her lover who works with one of the giant communications outfit in the country. They recently had their traditional wedding and a date has been picked for their white wedding which will take place in February. Though she has been one way or the other linked with a juju artiste and another fuji artiste, which has been the talk of the town for quite some time now and has also had a negative effect on her career, the musician as decided to turn a new leaf by tying the knot. Here’s wishing her a safe delivery and hoping she will beat Toye to this. Na girl o! N.B Toye is the name of the lucky man.