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Friday, March 25, 2011

Rukky Sanda in pant and bra! oh well...

Actress Rukky Sanda in bra and Pant. Yes please look well, can you see the pant? Well she is presently in the United States for God knows what reason, after spending several days in Dubai while are colleagues here are working out their butts on improving their careers. I’m not saying there is anything wrong in this, but posting such a picture of her shows she wants the attention of the public, since movies for now isn’t giving her the attention. Can Genevieve Nnaji ever do this? No! She is where she is today due to hard work. But trust Nigerians, in as much as they love such a picture, they will still tell you how it ought to be. Shikena!


  1. This girls are so particular abt bleachin their skin tryin to look like white girls. u cnt eva b white, wht a SHAME

  2. shame shame shame, cnt evn tell d movies she has acted in

  3. The sign behind her references a "Pool Party." What should she wear to the pool, a turtleneck and jeans? mschewww.

  4. I had no idea evening dresses could be worn to pool parties. I think hiding this particular article is advisable as you never know who might be headhunting bloggers for jobs and seeing this article might just give them the impression that you haven't put attention to detail. I dont mean to be rude or otherwise. But it's just a thot not just for today. Thus for a pool party she has worn the right outfit called a bikini and a tunic on top.