Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Magazine headlines….

I guess softsell magazines should please let Mercy be  o, haba this babe has been on the covers of many magazines in the last 3weeks.
Let’s talk about Newsofthepeople magazine headlines:
Adams Oshiomole impregnates young lover? Ha that’s a question mark o.
Shina Peller on the run after shooting aide… You for wait now.
My affair with Luciano… Hope it’s not questionmarkmag.com c.e.o, Luciano? Lwkmd


  1. this is really funny

  2. Been hearing a lot of nasty stuff about this shina pellar guy. I hope he gets caught soon, before he looses his temper again. He needs to be locked up!
    Theft, extortion, rape, now murder (or is it attempted murder)...some people think they cannot be touched.

  3. Shina pellar...Scum