Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Toni Payne
Spotlight: Baby mamas to 9ice & Tuface. Read what a ‘bird’ has to say about them. What these two have in common is they both have music stars as husbands. Toni Payne was married to no be mistake crooner, 9ice while Sumbo Ajaba happens to be one of tuface’s baby mama’s. Unknown to many, these two are very good close friends and even when some of Toni’s friends turned their backs against her for separating with 9ice, she was always there for her, giving her words of encouragements. Not too long ago, they were both spotted at Toni’s grandma’s birthday party, where Sumbo was of great assistance to her. Here’s hoping they make their friendship bolder to the world and in any case, we wish them a happy friendship. 

Sumbo Ajaba

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  1. wow this is so interesting, gudluck chics


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