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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Celebrity Quote: Cossy Orjiakor

Yes the pic in ur eyes, lol
‘I am like a whore in bed, a diva on TV, a chic on the streets, because I am not afraid to stand out alone, that makes me thick.  I enjoy life but I also know right from wrong.’ 


  1. Diva indeed, whore is more like it. And yes, prostitution makes you stand out....... * hisses and spits

  2. The thing is, she has a pretty face. If she covered up, people will be talking about her pretty face and not her cakes!

  3. cakes is booty. Maybe tatas!

  4. Anon 452AM. Thanks for that. Even though they use cakes sometimes for females with large nipp*es.

    Tatas is more appropriate.

  5. First remove the log in your eyes before you remove the lint in anothers. Its her life, let her live it like she wants to.