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Friday, September 30, 2011

Terry G’s Younger Brother, Upcoming Music Act, D Money Shows off Gf’s Boobs

Spotlight: Member of House of Ginger
I’m sure he just betrayed the trust of this girl. They might have been playing together in a room and he says, ‘Could you write my name on your boobs’, just for fun and he takes pics, still for fun. Lol
In another view,
The girl so in love with him, she says, ‘Check out my chest D Money’, and he takes pics. Of course, trusting him the pic will never leak one day.
So he made it his DP on BB this morning, Lol. *things that happens at night* Lol
Don’t even look further, you can’t find the pic here. Lol
 Click read more to see PIC
The chest reads: I luv D Money
 If anyone is close to D Money/ House of Ginger, they will sure be able to figure out who owns that chest. Lol


  1. d ganga dey smoke n their family has gotten into this 1's head too or what do we make of this??? rubbish, nothing do u girl, he has just found u a better man that'll appreciate those boobs more

  2. the girl is luv struck. naija justine bieber, whizkid sef follow join. lol

  3. another way of getting publicity. ok it went well for whizkid rite? you want to do urs. go and ask him how mch pain he feels inside. hiss

  4. Ladun you came late with this o, you said 2pm on twitter now its past 2. Been waiting, LOL.

    i seriously get it, anoda trick for young musicians in the country to get quick fame. but the guy no get liver, he for show us his punachi now, like wizzy. Lol

  5. she is so in luv with the guy.... young girl

  6. the boy betrayed her, too bad

  7. wow wow wow let the trend flow lol

  8. ashewo @Emmanuel see ur life. wetin ur brother do gud? Lol

  9. beautiful boobs.and to all you who put anything as display picture on bb. any body can just steal them by saving it on his or her fon

  10. a girl that can be soooo stupid as to allow herself to be photographed naked in the name of whatever it is does not deserve my pity, she was a willing participant, and by doing this she has little regard for herself,so why should we dignify her by blaming the guy? will always ask u do ridiculous things, wise women know how to assertively refuse...african women dont take or create chances for this kind of sh**t....fooolish gal!