Thursday, September 29, 2011

Who Wishes Goldie Evil?

Spotlight: Singer
This is definitely the height of this madness. Forgive me if I’m angry, why should anyone have this as her status? Not fair at all. We should learn to appreciate ourselves. ‘God Give Back Amy and Take Goldie’? Excuse me?
Here’s what Goldie tweeted about it: See the evil sum1 wishes me... Wow! Even if its a joke, its not funny. Human beings sha!
May that not be her portion, Amen?


  1. wicked woman, look @ how fat she is?...idiot wishing d poor girl evil....jealousy wl kill u

  2. this is evil, not fair haba

  3. haba, folks sha!

  4., thats what am talking about, nigerians can be wicked

  5. Are you happy now that she's dead and gone?


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