Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another Bombshell Hits Nollywood, Oby Edozieh’s Newly Married Husband Is A Married Man

Alex Okoroigwe who recently got married to Nollywood actress Oby Edozie in a secret ceremony is actually married to a lady in South Africa by the name of Fathima. Since breaking the story, we’ve managed to get pictures of Alex and his original wife Fathima; and have dug up more information on what is fast emerging as a clear cut case of bigamy, greed, deception and child abandonment.
Fathima is an Indian lady of South African citizenship who Alex met in Singapore while she was working and he was looking for an opportunity to better his life. They got married in Singapore on the 7th of November 2001 and have a 3 year old child.
To show you the extent of Alex’s deception, he left their matrimonial home in South Africa on the pretext of going to Nigeria to establish his business and make arrangements for a US visa – imagine her surprise when she read on the internet that her husband and father of her child  had gotten married to another woman!
According to our sources, he has lived off her all these years, even selling her car and keeping the money. Apparently, it was she who funded his trip to Nigeria – adding further salt to a festering wound.
Source: 1976ad.com
What is going on in Nollywood? The last three marriages they have had, has been one way or the other linked to husband snatching. Ini Edo, Mercy Johnson and now Oby Edozie. Na wa


  1. What else can go wrong other than desperation , and as usual long throat , they are a bunch of lazy sluggish wannabes who just want to live on other people's sweat , the Alex whatever man was looking better and well fed in south africa compared to the sham , he did with oby , are we saying she is not aware he was married ?
    Thank God am on vacation going to be an interesting week ahead .

  2. Anuofia. what a man

  3. Na wa! What is going on with Nollywood actresses, are there no single men in Nigeria?

    Furthermore, why go for men who are already spoken for? It seems Nollywood is full of husband snatchers , plain and simple.

  4. Why are they doing this? Inflicting pains on other women. Shame has left nollywood.

  5. What a shameless man

  6. na wa oh! are unattached men that hard to find?

  7. I don't believe this ur story Ladin n dnt b a part of pple pain under blogging

  8. How interesting, lol. Ini, mercy and now oby. Are there no single or widowed guy in the country anymore? This is not in any way a good thing it’s a bad name and will remain for a long time. By the way these men are gold diggers, Mercy funded her wedding, may be even the one feeding the guy, 98% sure about that. Oby we definitely know is the one taking care of Alex as he returned with nothing, its only ini that we are sure Philip is taking care of. Na wa for some ladies sha

  9. You don’t have to believe the story. Did I make it up? Was I in Singapore in 2001 to conduct their wedding so I can stage it on this blog after he gets married to Obi in 2011? Or am I Fathima who is crying for help? Na wa o. Even pictures can’t speak the truth, first time ever.

    NB whats the meaning of pple pain under blogging oh?

  10. Oby, how interesting do you think this marriage will be? I understand you, frustrations from parents and the society. I pity ladies!

  11. Abeg ladun ma da olodo yen loun ojere
    The sad part of all this is that this too shall pass
    Same with ini,same with mercy
    Its really sad that theres no consequence for their actions and it will keep happening

    Men cheat in our society and will continue to rub it in because theres simply no consequence to their cheating
    No way to punish them
    And they know if they are caught life goes o

    Smh all ill say is all the women that cheat with these married men will not know peace same with the married men
    And this prayers is for all the actresses and runs girls out there

    You shall reap what youre sowing bountifully in 100 fold Amen!

  12. Oby is heavy
    At least from the pictures on lis site
    Its so sad sha
    na shame catch am
    But seriously at her age she doesntve to get married to her baby daddy
    Shes so old and she seems to have some money to take careof the baby

    Useless old hagsleeping with a married man
    She cant say she didnt know he was married smh

  13. Ladun; good response.
    Oturugbeke oh!