Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tuface attends Award ceremony with third family

According to a source that brought my notice to this picture, says ‘Annie is still winning, and no one should be shocked if another baby comes in soon’. The singer attended the Touch of Genius Award ceremony where he was honoured alongside his third family, Annie Macaulay and Isabel their daughter. They were seen chatting happily and one who have doubted if Tuface had any other family elsewhere. They looked so happy together, Annie wore her best smile, while the little girl posed in front of many cameras, she said.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

What some girls want you to see

Since you can take such pictures, then it could be posted.

Rapper YQ involved in auto crash

For the music industry it would have been yet another loss, as rapper YQ who is signed on to Storm Records on the 31st of May was involved in an accident. According to people in the know, the rapper was returning back to Lagos from an Abuja trip, before the accident occurred along the air force road on his way home after leaving the airport. He sustained injuries on some part of his body and his hands can visibly been seen with stitches. We wish him a quick recovery, and thank God the Nigerian music industry didn’t have to mourn once again. Amongst artistes who have had accidents in the last one year includes, late Dagrin (who wasn’t fortunate to live and tell the story), Mallam Spicey, Danny Young and Terry g.

Kc Presh breakup update

That the duos of Kc Presh have broken up is nothing but the truth. According to a close source, the singers have been having misunderstandings due to money issues. Aside from that, the source also alleged that after Kingsley got married, he has not been fully participating in the group’s activities, has he spends more time with his family now. Not to talk about when Presh also got married, they both hardly have time going to the studio like they used too, so things were likely to fall apart, the source added. They have been having problems on money issues, but that’s not what caused the misunderstanding, it’s far more than that, another source said.   Kingsley has just released a new single which will be going on air soon, and he did it alone. We know he would be the first to announce the break up, the source concluded.

Ex FCT minister, El Rufai Explodes, Jonathan can’t deliver Nigeria

Ex FCT minister, El Rufai Explodes, Jonathan can’t deliver Nigeria. Lol. Take your time to read the headlines carefully, some fun, lol.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pregnant singer Omawunmi's boyfriend engaged to another lady

Sources in the know after keeping quiet about singer Omawunmi Megbele’s pregnancy tales have finally come out to unveil the man responsible for the act. Though we have been hinted he is a part owner of a night club on the Island, his real names are Tosin Ibrahim Yussuf and he is said to be currently engaged to another lady. Omawunmi met Ibrahim not too long ago after she broke up with her music producer boyfriend, Dr. Frabz and they have since been an item.
The olofofo’s who started this are also very happy that the singer’s sleepless nights of tears are finally over has she can now deal with the situation as she patiently awaits the arrival of her bundle of joy in the United States where she has been for couple of months.