Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Please Help Find Pretty Yanju

On Sunday, 28th of August, Yanju and her husband went to buy fuel while an unknown vehicle (kidnappers) double crossed them and kidnapped Yanju, as her husband managed to escape. She is just 25years old and newly married with a 5months old baby. Prayers her needed for her, so she can return back to her family unhurt and save. Please don’t just ignore, this can happen to anybody. The Lord will continue to guide and protect each and every member of our family. Please let’s put this on blogs, twitter and facebook if we can Yesterday Sings To Kids

Pass me ur love crooner, spent his Salah day, yesterday having fun with kids at an orphanage home. The most interesting part of it all, was when the singer said, he truly had fun singing and playing with the kids. How nice, may God bless him.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What The Magazines Are Saying...

Moreklue Entertainment To Celebrate 1st Year Anniversary

Moreklue Entertainment, an entertainment outfit which started last year and owned by Ademola Ajibola is one. There would be a party coming up at Royal Spring Holiday Inn, Osogbo to this regard. The party would be held on Saturday, 5th of November. More details on this will subsequently be reported here.

Stephanie Okereke, Now The Brand Ambassador For Kanekalon Hair

Its official
Actress Stephanie Okereke is now the official brand ambassador for Kanekalon hair in Nigeria. The actress looks stunning in all her poses.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sade Okoya's secret pain

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Omowunmi Akinnifesi and Lagos Duputy Governor partner to empower women

Last week, Omowunmi Akinnifesi honoured an august invitation by the Deputy Governor of Lagos State Mrs. Orelope Adefulire. The former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria and Lagos Environmental Ambassador met with the Deputy Governor in her office. The visit was in continuation of Omowunmi's work to bring women, especially younger women in Lagos State, in touch with opportunities for self-development and empowerment, which has been a focus of her work since 2008. The Deputy Governor was visibly gladdened by Ms. Akinnifesi's visit, noting her "passion and resilience for women, as well as a track record of capacity to empower and encourage young up and coming women in the state and in Nigeria as a whole." She reaffirmed her commitment and will to support Omowunmi's projects, and outlined areas of immediate and mid-term collaboration. The Deputy Governor thanked Ms. Akinnifesi for her time and her visit, after which photographs were taken, and collaborations are now actively on-going between Omowunmi Akinnifesi and the office of her Excellency, the Deputy Governor of Lagos State.

Actress Mercy Johnson finally marries her Prince

Empress Njamah, Waje, Queen Nwokonye, Chika Ike and Goldie were also bridesmaids
After much have been said and done Actress Mercy Johnson finally married Prince Odianose Okojie today in Lagos at the Christ Embassy Church. The reception held at the 10th Degrees Event Centre. Here is wishing the couple a happy married life. And to Lovely Okojie, a man who still needs you won’t walk another lady down the aisle. God is your strength and may He help you take care of your kids and bring young own man your way.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pics from Prince Odi and Mercy Johnson's Traditional Marriage

At last, the much talked about actress Mercy Johnson’s traditional marriage has taken place today. And the church wedding will hold here, tomorrow in Lagos.

Support page opened for Mercy Johnson's wedding

Actress Mercy Johnson will be getting married tomorrow, and a support page has been opened for her. You can click here to show her some love. Please love only o.

Durella Hits another Big One

Wow, good times are indeed here for Pop act, Durella. He has not only gotten a new Record Label deal, he also moved in to Lekki, also spotting a Range Rover Jeep and has almost completed his third album, which will be released in a matter of weeks. And now concluding works on a song with Femi Kuti? You will agree with me that, the Pop star truly doesn’t need to climb on anyone’s image to get there, has things are getting better for him in the music industry.  It is a fact that, Durella’s songs are always a delight, and now pinching tents with Femi Kuti? We can’t wait to hear the song.  

Rapper Olamide,Toni Payne Part Ways?

If reports reaching us are anything to go by, then Rapper Olamide and his management team, led by Toni Payne might have parted ways. Though one would have thought nothing might have come between them in this short while, but alas things are truly not right between the two parties as you read this. It has been said that, Olamide sometimes boycott Toni to attend some shows which he gets paid for without her knowledge.  Well the show that might have led to the breakup of these two, is a show which was sponsored by Coca Cola, and Toni after instructing Olamide not to attend, did attended, only for her to find out from outsiders, which really made her angry, a source said. It will be recalled that, Toni Payne, didn’t only bring Olamide to the limelight, but was a major part of his success in the music industry and also to his album Rapsodi which was released in March 2011 and still doing well. The rapper has also received four nominations in the forthcoming Headies Awards which a lot of people have termed a major breakthrough for him.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kareen Igho covers the sunday issue of ThisDay paper

Big Brother Amplified winner Karen Igho covers Sunday 21st of August 2011 issue of ThisDay Newspaper. Karen’s shoot was by Ty Bello, with accessories by Designers Lounge and Hair/Makeup by Makeup Den.

Evangelist Ebenezer Obey-Fabiyi, loses wife

Evangelist Ebenezer Obey-Fabiyi has lost his long time wife, Juliana, who died at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH on Tuesday, 23rd of August. She had earlier returned from a medical trip abroad, shortly before her admission at LUTH.
Reacting to the death of his wife of 48 years, Evangelist Obey referred to the Bible which stated in Psalm 48:14: “For this God is our God forever and ever. He will be our guide even unto death”. However, a close family associate said Mrs. Juliana Obey-Fabiyi was a great emotional and psychological bedrock for her husband, particularly, in the earlier years of his successful music career, when he spent weeks away from home and subsequently in his evangelical works. Burial arrangements are yet to be announced by her family. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

Lovely Okojie can go and die….Mercy Johnson’s mother spits fire

I came across this short interview which Mercy’s mother, Mrs Elizabeth Johnson granted E 24/7 magazine, and I must say it’s a must read. Who is then saying the truth?
Madam, are you indeed Mercy Johnson's mother?
Yes I am. Mrs Elizabeth Johnson, mother of Mercy Johnson.
What are your plans towards her marriage amidst these controversies?    
I don't have any plans now, God is our town planner, I put my trust in Him. He is the one that raised her to where she is today, before she met Odi God was aware, everything happening today are not unknown to Him. My belief is that if God assigns Odi of which I know He has done for her, as a husband, the gate of hell can't prevail over it. God that made their paths cross know their future, present and past, whosoever stands anywhere looking for the downfall of the innocent girl will face the battle of God.
Madam, did Odi inform you he was married as is generally reported in the media?  
Odi isn't married, he told our family, that when he got to Italy, the lady was his girlfriend and she bore him a child, later, Lovely met a guy and followed him to Canada and she bore him that boy, the woman herself confirmed it. We are not aware of other things because Odi has said the truth and when we asked him how long they separated, he said for the past 5 years. Let us say the truth and let the devil be ashamed. I have told my daughter to let the will of God be done in her life. As for rumour mongers saying Mercy has scattered her home, she is the one who scattered her home because if she loves Odi she wouldn't have followed another man and even giving him a child, the man is late now, so they want to set my innocent daughter up and spoil her day of joy and I know God will never agree with them.
Why do you think this is a planned work to disrupt Mercy's wedding?
There are people who watch you without you knowing, out of all the children I have, Mercy is unique, I can never deny her anytime any day, she is gifted and God has used her to bring the family up, so if anybody is stepping on my joy, he or she will face the wrath of God because one stupid person who claims to be a man of God said in the newspapers that if her mother is reasonable enough she will make her cancel the wedding. The man is not a born-again because if he is and isn't deaf and blind, he would have asked how a woman who left her husband five years ago now shows up threatening with fire and brimstone, this definitely is a set up but as many as run their mouths against the Johnson's family will face the wrath of God because we are innocent.
Did you have any inkling at her inception or birth that she would be this famous?
No, we are Christians in our family, we hand our children to God and after that it is sealed up. It is God who made her what she is today, when she was young, she used to play and make a lot of people laugh, she is very free, that made us to know that she had a brighter future ahead, she was the head girl in secondary school, she always come first in sports, dress rehearsals so I see no reason why she shouldn't excel in her career. No evil hands or thought against Mercy can work; nobody can overcome her I Jesus name. (Father cuts in) I have been reading stories tarnishing our image, imagine somebody wrote that I said I have cancelled the wedding, when did I say so? We should have the fear of God in whatever we do. Like this Lovely of a person, if she is actually the wife of Odi and my daughter is struggling to take her away from her marriage, I will pray to God and tell my daughter not to go into another person's home but the truth is my daughter knew Odi in 2009, if Odi is so important to him why must he leave him for another man; now that the guy is dead now, she wants to come back saying somebody is snatching her husband from her, I can phone Odi's father and they will tell you they don't even know her.
There was also a report that Mercy has run away from home?
How can they say she has run away from home, I saw her this morning, we were together.
Madam, are you saying the wedding is still going on as planned?
God is a God of plans, He will bring out everything perfectly, we depend and look up to Him, we have put everything into his hands and nobody can change the plan of God
What would the party be like, is it going to be church affair or with some traditional touches?
In our area, we do traditional, court and church weddings. I did the three when I was getting married to her father; it is the same pattern that we will follow.
You don't attend the same church with mercy?                                                              
No we don't, we attend Pentecostal church, Mercy and her elder sister used to go to The Redeemed Christian of God before she started attending the Christ Embassy
What are her church plans for the wedding?
I don't have anything to do with the church cos we don't attend Christ Embassy; all I know is that God says her marriage will stand. Mercy is not the first person people will plan evil against. Our God is a God of battle. She has never soiled her hands in anything devilish. Many people mistaken her roles in movies to be her person, she has been given different names, some say she wants to marry because she is pregnant, I asked her if she was pregnant and she said she was in her period that she was going to show me.
So by your words, the wedding is going as planned?
By the grace of God, with all the powers of God. I Elizabeth, I say nothing though I have nobody to assist me, I have God, nothing will stop my daughter's wedding. Let this be a lesson for every woman who doesn't want their husbands to be their husbands. If you don't respect what you have when you lose it you will be crying for nothing because she lost her husband and Mercy took over, so nothing can happen. She has lost her husband, Mercy has taken over, let her go and die.

Uche Jombo spotted in London with colleague, Tonto Dike

The actress will be having the premiere of her movie, Damage tomorrow, Friday 26th of Aug. in London.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Faces of those who kidnapped Mikel Obi’s father

Here are the pictures of the shameless Nigerians that abducted Mikel Obi’s father. See them looking like normal human beings. I sincerely doubt if they are. Here are their names in full. Nkechi Ossai, Ifeanyi Essien, Jacob Cowen, Ndubusi Friday, Basil Chukwuma and Sule Ibrahim.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mikel Obi’s father found alive

The Nigerian police have succeeded in fishing out where Chelsea football star, Mikel Obi’s father was abducted. His father, Pa Obi was found in the outskirts of Kano today and the kidnappers have since been arrested. Good for them. Thank God the police are working now, may they never cease to fish out more kidnappers and the evil doers from where ever they are hiding in our society

Whizkid impregnates an undergraduate at 21?

Whizkid impregnates an undergraduate at 21? Let’s hope this isn’t true. Else, we ask Banky W; we really can see the good way he is leading him, even when the young boy have also refused to attend classes.

Photos from Gbenga Adeyinka's Laffmattazz show in Ibadan

ajasa, ruggedman and olamide
konga and ruggedman


omobaba and gbenga adeyinka

Sunday, August 21, 2011

What comes with stardom?

Aww so much love been showed to R&B singer, Banky W

UPDATE on Mercy Johnson's wedding

This is what Mercy Johnson’s wedding invitation looks like. I hear Christ Embassy as pulled out of the wedding drama and the wedding will no longer take place at the church. But that isn’t stopping Mercy, as she intends to go on with it, by having her traditional wedding as planned.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Guess who?

Some believe she is a vivid description of a gold digger. Young and beautiful despite few children she had for her billionaire industrialist man, this lady is an object of ridicule amongst the wives of her husband’s contemporaries because they are closer to the billionaire’s elderly wife and would not associate with the young lady who is like a grand daughter in their midst.
Sure bet, she came from a zero background while her two elder sisters who never supported her decision to marry the old man, kept their distance and dignity. Not so with her mother who sees her daughter in a different light because of the benefits.
This lady has severed the strong relationship between the billionaire and his favorite daughter. It is worthy to note that this billionaire’s daughter was one of the few in the household who gave the ‘gold digger’ necessary support but on gaining ground within the dynasty, she decided to break the bond between the man and his daughter.
And in case you need to know, she now runs one of the billionaire’s company with ‘elegance’ thereby overthrowing the billionaire’s daughter. Heard the billionaire’s daughter has dumped her father’s company to start up her own tourism business.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Jesse's funny pic

Funny pic of jesse jagz, jago lol

Rukky Sanda in Ankara prints

Rukky before the party

Rukky at the party

Coded Tunes signs Peak Talent Hunt winner, Kidakudz

Kidakuz left with olamide
Most of you know Kidakudz, the 16yrs old boy that dazzled us at the last Peak talent hunt competition, which he eventually won. In as much as we expected him to bombard the Nigerian music industry with his ‘punching lines’ and of course his swags that will make many rappers hide away from the studio, the young dude is still playing his games underneath. He was featured along with rapper Olamide in 2phat’s latest single which is currently on air.
 But here’s the good news, i hear he is the newest addition in Coded Tunes and this will be made official come September 1st. He also has a video which Dj Tee has just completed work on.  We really can’t wait to see him storm our TVs’. Don’t forget you read it here first.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Monalisa Chinda covers this month’s Exquisite Magazine

Looking really beautiful

Ruggedman, Terry G spotted in Calabar

With u already knw,lol Terry G

With Nyore

Guess who?

One of the most fortunate Yoruba actresses of her time, this dark skinned lady has been very unfortunate in her numerous dalliances with the opposite sex.
While climbing the ladder of success, she had a steady relationship with a young guy of her age with a promising life. The young man has no business with the industry unlike our actress. The crack however came when her quest for fame and cash turned her to something else.
To achieve this, she started by dating one of the popular marketers and instantly, she was the one producing all the films from the stable of her lover boy.
Her boyfriend who discovered that the one time caring lady has developed another attitude had to take a back seat while she forged ahead in her love game with the marketer.
Not stopping at that, she also added a popular Yoruba actor to her list. At the end, she succeeded in bringing sorrow and tears to the once blissful marriage of this actor whose father is also a veteran in the movie industry.
Barely had the controversy simmered that she hooked a fashion designer guy who prides himself as sexy and even claims he is stronger than steel. She had thought the relationship would lead to the altar but the smart dude, after catching some fun, travelled to the United Kingdom to tie the knot with his fiancé and is expecting another child.
Now, our dark complexioned actress is again in the cold looking for warmth. Her colleagues say she can be everything but not a good housewife because she is saucy and arrogant. All these bad traits according to them, manifested when fortune started smiling on her.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Chelsea midfielder John Mikel Obi’s father missing

Chelsea Fc player, Mikel Obi is currently devastated. His father who left for work Friday morning in the city of Jos is yet to return home. The family aren’t sure yet, if it’s an abducted case or not. Speaking on Sky sports this morning, the footballer pleaded saying, ‘Please just let him go. He's just an old man, he hasn't done any harm to anyone and I don't know why he has been taken’. Prayers and vigil have been held in the Obi family house in Jos, led by his mother Mrs Rose Obi. The footballer has stated he won't fly to Nigeria because it may complicate matters.