Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fashola Launches Traffic Radio, 96.1FM In Lagos

Yaay my Governor is working. Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola, marked his fifth year in office with an interactive state-wide live broadcast on the State Television Station, LTV today.
He also presented to Lagosians, a dedicated traffic radio, Traffic Radio 96.1FM which will give traffic reports to help road users plan their trips.


  1. Ohh okk so lagos has all d basic amenities it requires aawww so wen I come to visit taps will be flowing with water !! Yaaaaayyyy so wen I come ajegunle would look like a human beings environment ? Yaaaaaay so wen I come d roads in lagos would be smooth ! Jheeeezzee!!! So wen I come ill have 24/7 electricity like every developed country?? Wooow omg YES!!!!!!!!!!!! So wen I come I would see traffick lights ??? So wen d red light is holding me up I can listen to the NEW traffic radio station jheeeeze again! Lagos is finally developed !! Oyaa where are my oyibo friends that said my country is a 15th world country??? Can u imagine ?? What's d diff wiv him and gej?? Naija we hail thee smh

  2. Make all the roads motorable then the traffic radio would work

  3. I love this guy. If they give him the chance and backing, he will totally transform Lagos to mini yankee. I remember when he came to Yale University. He was trying to recruit all the brightest and best students in various fields to move to naija and give them jobs. He is about the business. Not like the others that all they think about is chop chop

  4. no need for traffic radio. They should feed already existing stations with traffic info. simple

    1. Absolutely right ! In as much I like the governor I differ on him with this innovation which is tantamount to duplication of duties.An existing radio can do this as part of thei adhoc assigment....

  5. imagine d present he gave Lagosians, imagine d one clueless goodluck gave Nigerians - let the truth be tld, this man is working, f there's any loop hole ask some of d bad eggs working for him as they dont want anything to work so they can live like big (fools) men


  7. Ladun's biggest fan30 May, 2012 10:08

    Someone came up with the idea, the LASG bought it, he got a contract, job done. Someone is smiling to the bank!

  8. U guys are asking for more Jobs.....this Radio station will give some peeps a Job no matter how few they are...try and see the better side of it...When Lagos state employed people en-mass to clean the road we thought it was useless but it saved some families too. People just criticize without trying to see both sides.Yes another station could have done this but for how many minutes .How many minutes in 1hr will they dedicate to traffic news.whichever way some people will be employed ,so its fine with me.