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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sterling Bank Sacks 400 Workers

STERLING Bank Plc has sacked 400 workers in a systematic mass retrenchment aimed at reducing overhead cost. News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, investigations showed that 97 per cent of the retrenched workers were former staff of Equatorial Trust Bank Ltd. acquired by Sterling.
A source close to the bank said that the mass sack, which started about three weeks ago would also affect another 150 workers because of the consolidation of the two banks. He said that workers were thrown into the nation’s saturated labour market with only three months’ salary as severance package.


  1. Lobatan. Na wa for dis nija o dis ones too will add up to d plenty graduate dat ar still lookin for job SMH

  2. Lmfaoo na dem sabi jaree(omo-iwo)says so..via blackberrybold.5

    1. Why are you laughing wt is funny? Some people just lost dier source of livelihood and u re Lmao. Not funny oh watch how u respond 2 aching matters!

    2. @ Anonymous, don't u know how dumb he/she is. I know d character from Linda's blog too. Absolute airhead

  3. So sad!!! I just hope they saw it coming and have a plan B.

  4. the govt needs to talk sense into the head of this bank mgt.....else it will contonue like this without any help for the workers..........harrison