Friday, August 31, 2012

Togolese Women Protest Pants Down (PICTURES)

Several Togolese women  who are protesting under the opposition name, “Sauvons Le Togo” (“Let’s Save Togo”), have on August 28 in Togo’s capital Lome, dropped their trousers in front of police forces to provoke them, to the great amusement of fellow protesters, bystanders and journalists.

The day before, the collective had called on its female members to join a week-long “sex strike”, designed to motivate more men to join them in their fight against President Faure Gnassingbé.
For the moment there is no way of knowing if this appeal to “close their legs”, as local journalists describe it, has been adhered to.

Another demonstration is planned for next Thursday, where this time women have been openly invited to undress.


  1. Hahahahhahahha! First they 'closed their legs'. Now they are taunting them with toto to arouse 'little john'. All is fair in love and war!

  2. Orisirisi!! Wats d connection? pants down-president leaves? In Africa? Ur ass will black die and nothing will happen! i foresee high record of rape! dats d result they'd get!

  3. I can imagine d level of smell around, what pollution for d people of Togo, accept my sympathy

    1. Ds coment nearly killed me.lwtmb hehehehehehehhe.kai

  4. Yeye children..just lookin 4 ways 2 strut dia stuff 'legitimately'..and get more customers,hopefully d presido wl c one of dem and make her his concubine,'yimu..d presido wl leav ofis cos u are hangin ur 'goods' outside..story...NEKS

  5. Na wa 4 waya road.

  6. Ladun I no lik dis approfa somtin o,I go beat u o!

  7. Danny 'the solution' lover31 August, 2012 14:02

    I wonder who came up with the "brilliant" idea - congi the menfolk into changing the government. #stupidness

  8. That first picture is definitely Omo ghetto (the movie) inspired? Abi o fe ki n si idi won iya e ni?

    Lol @ first comment.

    Truthteller! you are on the money as usual, i pity some housewives already.

  9. i believe it has some diabolic undertones to it.hence the reason some african mothers threaten to strip themselves naked and curse a wayward child.
    would have expected old women to lead the charge that ll make it more effective the sigh alone will drive any president out

  10. Difficult to reconcile the sex strike earlier declared and this pant-down protest. Clear lack of direction. This pant-down protest is an indirect way of saying they are tired of the sex strike. You can't cheat nature. Lol.

  11. Cray shit! Really amusing!

  12. @ Fatimah, thanks o my pelzon!
    @ Luca, it's something they used to do then in those days, when d people didn't want a king no more, the women would strip and protest stark naked to his palace. And it's a taboo for the king to see them, so he is forced to step down or yield to their demands.. This was taught in my yoruba class in sec school. And dat was a long time ago when people had Integrity.
    This is 2012, where most African presidents will rather watch their citizens die than step down.

    So, Togo's just gon hav more black asses! norin dey hapun!!

  13. Lamest protest ever! Opening of yansh!! Hw will that take d presy out of power?! Yeye jobless people!

  14. Very funny, a naked 500km walk would do,#rolling on the floor lafing,cleans my face and rolls back to bed lafing# let's not be surprised when the ass job make the change they need.........Naija women oya begin learn woooooo. Hehehehehehehehehe #atar says so from asala blackberry#

  15. What!
    I mean really?
    This is not gonna stop anything!
    They should simply stop this disgraceful act!

  16. Rubbish set of women!its so disgusting!

  17. Issoright#coughs, come do that one in naija, before u reach house oga don park ur load put for junction dey wait for u to return to ur papa house, u deny am e right for bedroom then go bare am all for public. Hmmm isokay.
    @truthteller yes that was in †̥ђε̲̣̣̣̥ old yoruba society, †̥ђε̲̣̣̣̥ yorubas had a rigid form of checks and balances on their rulers.

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