Thursday, December 20, 2012

21 Reasons Why You Must Not Miss The Baddest Concert Tomorrow

P Square @ Baddest Concert Rehearsals
1.      Because as Banky W said “It’s a Christmas gift from EME to you”. #THEBADDEST

2.      It’s the best place to be when the world comes to end! #THEBADDEST

3.      To finally see the whole crew perform together for 2 GOOD HOURS!! #THEBADDEST

4.      To see sexy and beautiful Niyola perform live and WOW fans with
her sultry voice #THEBADDEST

5.      Because there will be a variety of exciting performances by top artistes #THEBADDEST

6.      Remember that Skales’s hit song “Heading for the Grammy”? YES! You
get a chance to watch a grand performance of it. #THEBADDEST

7.      A little birdie said Wizkid will come on stage with…..:x You have
to come find this one out yourself. #THEBADDEST

8.      Who is this surprise act gonna be? Come find out yourself #THEBADDEST

9.      Because you get to listen to all genres of music in just one

10.     The international act is… Nah I won’t tell you...  Come find that
out yourself #THEBADDEST

11.     Because there are many surprises you just can’t afford to miss #THEBADDEST

12.     Because it’s the first Nigerian EME all-star concert. #THEBADDEST

13.     R28 is known for putting together fantastic concerts. This won’t
be an exception #THEBADDEST

14.     The EME concert is not the regular type of concert to expect #THEBADDEST

15.      EME has a lot to offer, you can only know this by attending #THEBADDEST

16.     Because different stars will be attending #THEBADDEST

17.     Because it’s the best way to have fun with that “one special
person” *winks* #THEBADDEST

18.     Not only will you have fun, you also get to  mingle with new faces

19.     Because if you miss this, you will have to wait another year. Can
you afford to do that? #THEBADDEST

20.     You'll have the right to brag to those who missed it #THEBADDEST

21.     You shouldn’t miss it because BANKY W SAYS SO #THEBADDEST


  1. Yawns, they just said the same thing 21 times..

  2. You get heart o..u actually expect someone to read thru this nonsense...SMH

  3. Mtewwww. They said d same tin all tru..wats special in d concert?....Rubbish

  4. mcheew sexy niyola indeed #nt interested smiley#

  5. My tots tho, u said d sme tin in 21 diffrnt ways. Mreova if d world s ending 2moro, u dn except us to b in dat concert?

  6. Too much awareness! Its sure gonna be the baddest.......

  7. d same tin was said 21 tyms nd Niyola aint dat good 4rm wat I've seen..She doesn't know ow 2 move a crowd nd who wants 2 be @ dis concert wen d world ends???...

  8. Erm where r the 20 other reasons?

  9. Point no $ is a total turn off abeg. Niyola can sing, but gosh, that girl can't move her body -no swag! #just my opinion sha

  10. A beg! Make dem allow person hear word, niyola ain't sexy one bit

  11. All na promo na.