Monday, December 17, 2012

6-Year Old Strangled to Death after Catching Her Uncle and Step Mom in Bed

A 6-year-old Egyptian girl was strangled to death by her uncle and step mother after she saw them in an indecent position.

The incident occurred when the young victim, Mena-M, suddenly woke up from her sleep to find her uncle and her stepmother in bed.
When the couple realised what the girl had witnessed, they strangled her to death.

Officials were tipped off when a general clinic reported receiving the body of a dead girl. The police questioned the girl’s father, Mahmoud-Z, who said that his daughter was suffering from some abdominal trouble and was taken to private clinic where she was examined. However, he claimed that he was surprised by her death.

The father confirmed that he did not accuse anyone of causing the death of his daughter, but the girl’s post-mortem revealed abrasions and bruises around her neck area. The report also revealed bleeding from the nose.

Extensive investigations confirmed that the girl’s uncle, Mohammed, was involved in an illicit relationship with her stepmother, Aml-MS.

The investigation indicated that the girl was sleeping on a couch in the bedroom and her presence went unnoticed by her stepmother and her uncle when they entered the room.
When she woke up and the couple realised that the girl would let their secret out to her father, they decided to kill her.

The defendants were arrested and they confessed to strangling the girl.

The police referred the case to the prosecution to complete the legal measures.


  1. the world is seriously sick!!!WTF

  2. Laduns biggest fan17 December, 2012 20:13

    The length some people will go to murder people, even children is so sickening.

  3. This made me sooo sic, I literally barfed in my mouth. Unfathomable!

  4. Do we have more animals than actual humans now? This is terrible.

  5. Murder a 6 year old child!!!. The culprits have no fear of God at all. They should both be sentenced to death by's what they deserve

  6. So now that they've killed her, did it keep their secret? Mscheeeeeew

  7. In Egypt, they will get instant justice.

  8. Egyptians are sex mad ooo. Why not bribe the girl with gifts and sweets or lie that it was a game to kill rats in the bed?

    If the girl was her biological daughter she would not have killed her or allowed him to strangle her. A six year old does not know what sex is. RIP!

  9. Wonders shall never end!!!

  10. What a pity. RIP Little one

  11. This is wickedness