Thursday, December 20, 2012

Friends of Nkiru Sylvanus and Kenneth Okolie Write the IG

December 19th, 2012

Mr. Mohammed Abubakar,

Inspector General of Police,

Force Headquarters,

Louis Edet House,

Abuja, FCT

Dear Sir,


We write to formally inform your esteemed office of the kidnap, last Sunday, December 16th, of two of our colleagues, enterprising entertainers, Nkiru Sylvanus and Kenneth Okolie. The two actors were in Owerri, Imo State, shooting a movie when they were forcefully abducted by masked gunmen. Some hours later, the mindless abductors contacted family and friends of Ms Sylvanus especially demanding a N100m ransom. Up till now, we cannot fathom the rationale behind their kidnap. And their abductors have advanced none.

Perplexingly, about five days after this untoward incident, no concerted efforts, as far as we know, are being made to rescue these hardworking and patriotic Nigerians who sweat and toil to bring joy into millions of homes and hearts across Nigeria and the globe. Indeed, it is sad and heartbreaking.

It is even more worrisome and befuddling considering that these actors’ kidnap is coming just days after the Police, under your distinguished leadership, valiantly and commendably went all out for the kidnapped 82-year-old mother of the coordinating Minister of the Economy and Minister for Finance, Dr (Mrs.) Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. The result, as we all know, is that Prof Kimene Okonjo was returned home hale and hearty, thanks to the Police, your Police. Are Sylvanus and Okolie lesser citizens? Are they no longer Nigerians who you should be bothered about their safety and wellbeing? Don’t they deserve the kind of police attention that Professor Okonjo got? Does kidnap have another name? Or, has Nigeria been reduced to George Orwell’s Animal Farm where some animals are more equal than others?

We, the Friends of Sylvanus and Okolie, do not think so. We just believe that you probably are swamped with protecting the lives and property of Nigerians during this yuletide season or you are not aware how important they also are as law abiding citizens of this great country.

Sir, Ms Sylvanus is one of the more popularand proficient role interpreters in Nollywood (Nigeria’s globally acclaimed movie industry) with a catalogue of seminal movies that have shored up our rating as a filmmaking nationin the last 15years.Worthy of mention is that it is because of actors like Sylvanus that the Nigerian movie industry has achieved so much reverenceand renown globally. Apart from her acting career, she is also a notable philanthropist who donates as much as she earns to motherless babies and widows.

Mr. Okolie, on the other hand, won the Mr. Nigeria contest in 2010 and went on to represent Nigeria at the Mr. World contest where he was second runner up. In his own way, he has flown the flag of Nigeria in pride on global stages. He is also an actor and singer and model. He is willing to do more to further make Nigeria proud but he can’t do anything in captivity.

It is in the light of our apparent helplessness that we decided to write you this letter to please deploy the same audacious expertise and refined gallantry that have become the hallmark of the Nigeria Police under your watch to bring our colleagues home to their families and fans. Of course, you know sir, that these young Nigerians cannot afford anything near the ransom being demanded and we are scared that if something is not done fast, we fear the worst for Sylvanus and Okolie. That is why we are counting on you sir.

As we earnestly await their return, we hope that you would please, use your office to evolve a winning and redoubtable strategy to protect the Nollywood community from the increasing incidence of abduction as we have not forgotten so soon that veteran screen idols Nkem Owoh and Pete Edochie have traveled that tortuous and unpleasant road before.

We wish to continue entertaining Nigerians and doing Nigeria proud with our art but we cannot do so under an atmosphere of pervasive insecurity and vulnerability.

Please, help us and accept the assurances of our profound regards and promise to continue to be Proudly Nigeria.

God bless you.

God bless the Nigeria Police

God bless Nigeria


  1. lord may the saving power of ur right be wit them.

  2. Can you guys arrange something and get these guys out. Whoever told you Okonjo Iweala didn't pay for her mums release is fooling you. Delay is very dangerous!!! I pray they are freed soon

  3. May the lord guide them back home safely. May the wrath of God fall on those evil doers IJN

  4. Ladun why boobs thursday no dey happen again 4 twirra naija?

  5. Government needs to do something fats about kidnapping. It is eating too deep into our system

  6. Ladun, u were the same person that did a post a couple of days back that there's "money in Nollywood" their friends and family should pay the ransom and drop all these unnecassary sentiments! It's not like they don't have the money. Or they could wait on govt and see what will happen! These actors have money! Have their said colleagues done to help them? Abi na to sit down for AC write epistles? I pray nothing happens to Nkiru and Kenneth tho

  7. Okay oh, as i don read say na oga madam plan am. Make we pray she comot alive oh.

  8. Oh oh oooooooooooooooh, these are humans we are talking about here. We got to act fast.

  9. Thank God they are found safe, I bet she can't stop thanking her God.

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