Friday, December 7, 2012

Pastor Okotie’s Party, 27 Others Struck off INEC Register

Fresh Democratic Party founded by Pastor Chris Okotie, was among the 28 political parties struck off the register by Nigeria’s Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, on Thursday.

INEC said that the action was in exercise of its powers based on the I999 Constitution as amended and the Electoral Act 2010 as amended.

The statement reads;

“In the exercise of the powers conferred on it by the 1999 Constitution (as amended) and the Electoral Act 2010 (as amended), the Independent National Electoral Commission has today, Thursday, December 6, 2012, de-registered the following political parties:

1. African Liberation Party (ALP)
2. Action Party of Nigeria (APN)
3. African Political System (APS)
4. Better Nigeria Progressive Party (BNPP)
5. Congress for Democratic Change (CDC)
6. Community Party of Nigeria (CPN)
7. Democratic Peoples Alliance (DPA)
8. Freedom Party of Nigeria (FPN)
9. Fresh Democratic Party (FDP)
10. Hope Democratic Party (HDP)
11. Justice Party (JP)
12. Liberal Democratic Party of Nigeria (LDPN)
13. Movement for Democracy and Justice (MDJ)
14. Movement for the Restoration and Defence of Democracy (MRDD)
15. Nigeria Advanced Party (NAP)
16. New Democrats (ND)
17. National Majority Democratic Party (NMDP)
18. National Movement of Progressive Party (NMPP)
19. National Reformation Party (NRP)
20. National Solidarity Democratic Party (NSDP)
21. Progressive Action Congress (PAC)
22. Peoples Mandate Party (PMP)
23. Peoples Progressive Party (PPP)
24. Peoples Redemption Party (PRP)
25. People’s Salvation Party (PSP)
26. Republican Party of Nigeria (RPN)
27. United National Party for Development (UNPD)
28. United Nigeria Peoples Party (UNPP)


  1. happy yoruba bunny07 December, 2012 21:55

    gradually paving way for only PDP to be d only party to contest in 2015
    so ts btw ACN & PDP now?
    uaeless people

    1. Ladun's biggest fan07 December, 2012 22:36

      ANPP and CPC are still there. I think they (ANPP, CPC, PDP and AD) are the main 4 and PDP is the Daddy of the lot.

    2. Ladun's biggest fan08 December, 2012 00:29

      ACN formerly AD i meant.

    3. Read Tʰᵉ institution first before u criticize dummy. Since inception dese political parties named aboved has not won an electoral seat. De are not deem fit to be in existence.

    4. institution? which one? UNILAG? work on your grammar ejo

  2. Lol..I guess it wasnt really God then that told him he will be President!

    1. U took d words right out of my mouth

  3. U guys are olodo....dnt u know few party system is gonna make it more competitive....its nt gonna be jst federal poll or ac in lagos state....."tight competition is good for dis kinda business"dey all gonna sit up nd wanna deliver to keep going

    1. Dummy, U tlk like u dunno d country u are. even if its 100 parties, we stil hav jes one or 2 running things!!

  4. I have neva heard of almost all of these political parties tho... But would striking them off pave d way for better leaders? ACN, PDP, CPC, ANPP...still exist

  5. Unknown parties should be scraped

  6. That's it! I wonder wot Okotie hv to say abt it, shud visit his church dis sun to hear wot God has revealed to him dis time around! Its really cool dat dey scrapped them off tho

    1. Eiya, r u rilly dat jobless nd pathetic?

  7. Bravo..... INEC