Monday, December 31, 2012

Planning a Party? Contact us for your Grilled Foods & More and Get An Instant Discount

Are you planning a house party, get together, bridal shower, baby shower, naming ceremony, wedding reception, birthday party or any event at all?

Then contact us for your grilled foods (barbecued turkey, chicken, fish, spare ribs, pork chops), grilled lamb shoulder, lamb riblets, grilled Prawns. Small chops (spring rolls, samosa, puff puff, peppered gizzard, fish in batter, prawns in batter etc), and asun. Click to see their contact numbers.

We have also expanded our menu to include new flavours for barbecue like the Jamaican jerk chicken, hotdogs, burgers and lots more.

To contact us please call on 08074519848,08074519849 or send an email to

There's an attractive discount for all events in the month of December and January. Don't forget to like our page on facebook as well.


  1. Lovely! Do they offer training for people outside lagos? am based in phc

  2. Nice and mouth watering!

  3. happy yoruba bunny30 December, 2012 19:37

    Ladun dont u think u shd celebrate christmas and new year to ur loyal readers wt all these mouthwatering chops?

    1. happy yoruba bunny03 January, 2013 21:33

      ah kay kilode? ima need jolification na