Saturday, January 5, 2013

Anyone Thinking of Booking Us This Month Should Forget It- P Square

After performing in some parts of Africa, the twin brothers have said they will be resting this month and any show promoter planning to book them should just forget it. When you have enough money sha...


  1. Hehehehe. Too much money.

    Here are pictures of the Lagos Countdown Party 2012 on naijaPOSE

  2. Igbo boiz toh sharp

  3. But no pun intended,dese dudes actually dnt av a gud manner of approach.dere r better ways of sayin tnz.'Any1 tinkin of bookin us dis mnth shld 4get it' dats sounds very impolite.nd u guys shld tink b4 yabbin mi cos sum of u cnt readd nd undastnd

    1. happy yoruba bunny05 January, 2013 21:24

      am so wt u
      wonder when their music turned to tomatoes people cant live without
      i beg make dem shift

    2. I agree with u. Its not called "Too much Money but PRIDE"


    3. new money people and their lack of thought when they speak.

    4. pride pride pride..u can me more civil by saying we are on a one month break shikena...nigerians can be rude

    5. Anon 20:35, I totally agree with your comment but I have to ask...
      1. Do you know what a pun is?
      2. Do you know what the phrase 'no pun intended' means?
      Coz I was here waiting to read your unintended pun but errr seems you hear it in movies and haven't got a clue what it means!
      L M F A O

  4. Who get una time?

    If you people like, don't rest. Be greedy like typical Igbo boys.

  5. bintin laye lomo05 January, 2013 22:40

    pride goes before a fall, and what you guys did to mayd is so appalling. mayd got nothing to loose while your gp is dropping very fast.

    the adviser of this guys is gone. rip mama.

    me as a pesin am no longer ur fan, somebody may say it doesnt matter, mind you, it drops of water that formed the ocean.

    1. They have always been like that even before their mother's death.

      From the very little I know of them they are very, very loyal once they count you as a friend, they would support you with almost anything but fuck up small for their side and you won't like yourself.

    2. bintin laye lomo06 January, 2013 23:04

      Fati, what is the fuck up of mayd, is his crime so bad, so grievous that it cannot be mentioned ni?

      how can u start building a house and getting to finishing, u decide to pull it down by all means, it is not fair, that is wickedness.

      that their "we let him go" is not an explanation jo. jude dont be an asshole, allow the sure boy to shine, pls.

  6. next pls!!! #tjenny

  7. Annon20:35 did u actually ascertain that they phrased the language d way it is updated B4 commenting? Just cos u saw that headline does not mean that that is d way they said it.
    What do u Nigerians have abt successful,hardworking ppl? Their money is not dependent on haters so haters take a walk and shut d fuck up!

  8. Lol this ain't pride.. they want 2 rest.. it's normal, every celeb does dt

  9. Like they are the only celebs in nigeria?lyk srzly?...they should rest 4 d entire year for all i care jor...(˘̯˘ )
    take a dozen seats Psquare...A flying fuck...we do not give!

  10. Dem wan rest jooooooor. Make una leave them ojare. Blessed r those who speak d bitter truth.
    ' No pun intended'. Lol! MaKe me sef nak grammar even if it's out of context or not.