Monday, January 14, 2013

Do you desire a beautiful skin? Have you been looking for a product? Search no more!

Nature's Stew is a recently establish company in the Skin Care Industry focusing on Natural/Organic Products. We carry an array of Natural skin care products including:

Exfoliate Washes, Bath Gels & Washes, Hair & Body Washes, Face Washes, Anti-Aging Creams, Face Hyrdrating Creams, Shaving Creams, After-Shave Salve, Perfume Oils.

The perfume oils contain plant extracts and aromatics. The perfume oil can be applied directly to the skin or mixed with other body products. Click to read more about the products.

Our products contain 85-95% naturally occuring ingredients with some of them organic. We proudly use less than 2% preservatives in our products and all products are for external use only.

ALL Gels, Washes and Exfoliates are on sale now for N1,500 or $10 (or any 3 wash items for N4000). The Signature Perfume Oil is also on sale now for N2,500 or $18.

We guarantee that you'll all love the products and come back for more. The signature fragrance "Drops for Nature's Stew" already has people talking.

Feel free to Contact us for more details and skin care tips.

Lagos Contact: +2347033788067
Canada Contact: +16478927385
U.S Contact: +19082486427



  1. So I have something I'd like to say. And it doesn't regard this topic... I have noticed people go from commenting to insulting each other which isn't. A problem. Where I see a problem is when it involves tribe,the kinda curses people reign when it involves yoruba/igbo is unheard of...

    Most of the curses involve death.. How can u wish ur fellow human dead bcos of a slight misunderstanding on a blog that Is not urs or that u notmaking any money from...

    So my question is,is it that yoruba/igbo people cannot be in peace? Where is the love we say we have for one another? Where is the unity we are praying for nigeria? How can Nigeria be stable if all this hatred go round? Why must yoruba/igbo people fight and quarrel all the time? Its kinda sad tho.. Just read comments on a topic here and someone was saying may sango kill u and ur family leaving in lagos cos the person is obviously from the east,haba!

    No man is an island.. Just tot I'd say this tho! And by the way I'm half igbo, britain/brazil,so u can bring in the insults if u like...

    1. Kendra nice point but really dis comment shouldnt be here.its someone's business and he or she wants referrals,orders and doesnt actually give a fuck about whether one igbo man is breaking one yoruba man's head or one yoruba man is using juju on one igbo man.nice products on d site.will try the perfume oil.

  2. That less than 2% preservatives means there is still small content

  3. Just visited your sight and i checked the water-contest page,i havnt read anything like that tho,all i heard is that water is good for the body, will try the 30days water contest out tho

    1. Which sight? Eye sight, sight seeing please explain..and which water contest, is it swimming contest, diving contest, backstroke friend u need to go back to primary school asap kpele migwo

  4. Just water for 90days and no drink *whew*

  5. And whats their address?might be intrested

  6. @dayogirlee: yes we have 2% or less preservatives in our products in order to preserve quality and shelf life

    @anon 12:33pm and 12:37pm. You can do it!!!!

    @shella, our distributors are located in Lekki 1 and they also deliver. Call them on 07033788067

  7. For info on the water-diet contest, check the contest page on the website. Drink water with your meals rather than artificial flavored drinks, and if you're craving a sweet drink, have fresh juices. Please don't starve yourself off food.

    @dayogirlee, we're glad you noticed. Since most of our washes are water-based, they need preservative. Products that are water-based need some sort of preservative to help it last longer and more importantly to avoid bacteria from cultivating. Once products with harmful bacteria is used, it is not only damaging to one's skin but one's health as well.

    @sheila...for the contest, you may inquire or send photos to and for general inquiry, email us at we would love to answer your questions on skin care, get your feedback on products and other general inquiries.

    @kendra, the world if filled with much wrong. What matters most is the individual choices we make...that makes a big difference. We at Nature's Stew would rather you have questions or comments pertaining to this post. We would love to answer your questions and get your feedback. Thank you for your consideration.

    Cheers :)

  8. do you have skin lighteners?
    wether you like it or not some of us have serious discoloration.
    I am located in the north and this time has been very harsh on my skin I literally turned 2 shades darker in less than a month worst of all I cant find good sunscreens here so I need to use a lightener to get my body tone back.

    1. That's why you keep on getting darker. Olodo its not just you but everybody gets darker with too much sun exposure. Just leave your skin alone! Anyway, why on earth am I taking panadol for your headache? Give yourself skin cancer, what do I care?

    2. Try and find nuetrogena sunblock

  9. Nature's Stew14 January, 2013 21:33

    @Debisi, thank you, we hope you like the perfume oil

  10. Nature's Stew14 January, 2013 22:03

    @real...based on customer request, Nature's Stew is currently working on our natural color toning creams. When we have them available, customers will be notified by info provided and on our website.

    When you say North, we assume you mean the North of Nigeria which has a tropical dry climate. Hence your skin discoloration is caused by sunburns. Once in the sun for too long, your skin burns with or without skin lighteners. That is why people with light shades get a tan or sunburn if in the sun for ample amount of time even when using sunscreen.

    If you are interested in less chemically enhanced recipes:
    -spend less time in the sun (we know this may be quite the task)
    -so when out in the sun, wear a visor
    -steam and exfoliate once or twice a week depending on skin type to shed dead skin as new skin forms (see article on webpage for more).

    For more info and answers to your questions, feel free to contact us at

  11. Nature's Stew14 January, 2013 22:24

    @real...we are currently working on our color toning creams. We hope to develop something less toxic than what we have in today's market. When we have them available, we would contact our customers via info provided and on our website.

    When you say "north" I assume you are speaking of the Northern part of Nigeria which has tropical dry climate. Your skin discoloration is caused by sunburn. If you are out in the sun for too long, you skin will burn with or without skin lighteners. Even a light skinned person will get a tan or sun burn (skin turning pink) if out in the sun for too long. And too much sunscreen also has it's cons

    Here are a few recipes with less chemical enhancement that we would advise:
    -don't stay in the sun for too long (we know this can be quite the task especially if you work outdoors)
    -when out in the sun wear a visor
    -steam and exfoliate once or twice a week depending on skin type (see article on exfoliating on website). You can try our exfoliate wash and tell us what you think.

    Feel free to contact us with more questions and inquiries at

  12. @ northerner - spf 50 sunscreen is ur friend
    Also a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses

    1. Blaxk skin don't like spf 50 ooo, I sweat lika goat been led to d slaughter wen I wear high spf sunscreen...I think 20 is good enuff..

    2. exactly and it will make you black. nothing more than SPF20

  13. Where is your store in Lagos?

  14. hello at nature stew do u by any way hav a school dat i can learn abt skin care and ow to make creams using plants extracts and how to treat skin issues . i hav a flare 4 anytin dat involves the skin . thank uuu . and ow much dis will cost mi

  15. I av very deep stretchmarks on my shoulder nd arms,,av used so many products 2 get rid of it bt its still dere...plz do u av any 2 solve my problem

    1. your bleaching cream may be giving you stretchmarks.

  16. Nature's Stew21 January, 2013 20:10

    @ anonymous, contact our Lagos office @ Lagos Contact: 07033788067

    @ teeee, contact us as , we answer your questions and from time to time, give you some natural cost effective skin regimen to follow. We will also be having a monthly newsletter subscription. Follow us on twitter or email us to find out more

    @ all. spf 50 is dangerous not only for dark skinned people but anymore in general. It is has way to much chemicals, that when to much, can be harmful. spf 50 is quite high

    @Anonymous, stretch marks are normal especially with weight gain and loss, body building and other things. Contact us at to find out more about what you can do to the stretch marks if you know the cause of it or when you started having them.