Monday, February 10, 2014

Police Inspector Dupes US-Based Nigerian Lady

                                      Chukwu and Veronica after their wedding in America

Nigerian lady based in the United States of America, Miss Veronica Okwara, has accused an inspector in the Nigeria Police Force, Anthony Chukwu, of defrauding her of N9 million under the false pretence of marrying her.

Veronica, a medical director (administration) in North Carolina USA, alleged that Chukwu, attached to X Squad Section Force Criminal Investigation Department Annex, Lagos, southwest Nigeria converted the proceeds  from the sale of vehicles and other imported items she asked him to sell on her behalf, for his personal use, after he had a fake wedding with her.

Following the alleged scam, the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar, ordered the Interpol to investigate the matter. Thus, Chukwu was arrested and flown to the Police  Headquarters  in Abuja for interrogation.

Veronica, in her petition, stated that when she returned to Nigeria on vacation sometime in 2010, a member of her staff stole one of her trucks worth N3.8 million.

Veronica said she was introduced to Chukwu who was then attached to the Special Fraud Unit, SFU of the Nigeria Police in Ikoyi, Lagos to handle the case.

She stated that Chukwu who was then a police sergeant arrested her fleeing staff and recovered the truck for her.

The complainant said after the case, they became friends and Chukwu later proposed to her.

“Chukwu asked me if I was married and I said no. He told me he had divorced his wife and proposed to me. Because he sounded good, I discussed with my family and accepted his marriage proposal.”

But Veronica alleged that she later discovered that Chukwu was still married but planned with his wife to hide her and their  three children at Owornosoki area of Lagos in order to marry her.

According to the petition, Veronica fell into his trap and took him to USA where they wedded at North Carolina County Court Marriage Registry.  She said her mother was living with her when he came over for the marriage.

After the wedding, Veronica  informed Chukwu about her plans to import cars and other goods to Nigeria for sale.  And he agreed to receive the goods  in Nigeria and help her sell them.
She said she trusted Chukwu and shipped ome items including vehicles to him to sell in Lagos and remit the money to her.

The items include: Toyota Sienna, Toyota 4 Runner, Nissan Path finder, Toyota Sequoia, Honda CRV and 25 pieces of laptops. She alleged that Chukwu sold the items including 14 vehicles and converted the money from the sale proceeds for his personal use.

She claimed that when she asked for her money, the inspector started threatening to arrest her.   When our reporter contacted Chukwu through his phone, he asked him to come to his office at FCID X Squad at Alagbon Lagos.

He said he knew the lady in question and admitted that the matter was  being investigate by  the Interpol. Chukwu declined to make further comment on the matter.



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  2. Tony Chukwu, nemesis has caught up with you. I have forgiven you for illegally convertion of my car.

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      How do you know it's Debanj, Kenya Moore has been bragging abou?

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