Sunday, January 31, 2016

Calling For Biafra Is Senseless- Richard Akinjide

Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Chief Richard Akinjide who was once a Minister of Education in the First Republic and Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation in the Second Republic has said Biafra is nothing but a joke and 95ercent of Nigerians are against it. He described the call for Biafra as a big joke and nothing but a senseless move and whoever is calling for it must be having a big fun. Chief made this known while discussing with Leke Baiyewu.

Recently, some protesters rose up in some parts of the country to call for Biafra. What is your take on the new call for secession?

Calling for Biafra now is a big joke and it is senseless. Biafra resulted in a three-year war, which Nigeria fought and won. Nobody can bring it back. Anybody talking of Biafra now must be having a big fun; that person is not serious.

Some are alleging marginalisation and exclusion from government. What do you think could have made a section of the country to rise up for secession?

If you are excluded or you are marginalised, you can sort it out in elections. Vote in accordance with your conscience. That does not mean Biafra, which is dead and buried, should be brought back. I don’t see Nigeria supporting Biafra again. We have created states and those who supported and fought for Biafra have been in government, why do you want it to come back? I have met a lot of people who supported Biafra and are against Biafra now; they won’t support it. Overwhelming (number of) Nigerians – 90 per cent, if not 95 – will not support it, which is nonsense.