Saturday, January 9, 2016

Cossy Orjiakor Reassures Fans She Is Getting Married This year, Boasts It’s A Mutual Love

Ever since the busty entertainer broke the news on one of her social media pages, her fans have been suggesting that the man will definitely be a foreigner and though Cossy refused to tell of his identity, she however shot herself in the leg when she said she won’t be relocating after marriage and will in fact encourage her man to invest in Nigeria.  Cossy spoke to Saturday Beats who had called to ask her more about her said marriage and Cossy has this to say;

“I am not getting married because I am pregnant. I am walking down the aisle with the man of my dreams because both of us are in love with each other. It is a feeling of pure love. I am hoping to get married abroad most especially in Las Vegas but I don’t know about my man. I chose Las Vegas because I like the city and its scenery.

“I am still going to be in Nigeria after marriage. Rather than leave the country, I would encourage my man to start up a business here in Nigeria. I am not the type of lady that would leave my fatherland.”

She however says she might not change her lifestyle even after marriage. Hear her;

“I don’t know if my style would change but the person I am with likes me the way I am. He is not complaining. I am not going to divulge much information about my man till the D-day but he is not in the Nigerian entertainment industry,” she said.


  1. Good for her, she shouldn't forget to take her jugs off the internet

  2. Some Aunty and Uncle gwe gwe like @Olu Atlanta will come here and start hating

    Haters keep hating

    Take your hate to LAWMA


    1. Lol
      Leave trash for Lawma

  3. The only thing I have to tell the groom to be is this....The future of a man can be affected by the woman he trusts (ask Sampson about Delilah)
    Nd also to my wonderful ladies out there....., the future of a woman can also be determined by the man she loves (ask Sarah about Abraham).
    Please bachelors and spinsters be extremely prayerful and careful on how you choose your life partners.

  4. Hmmm. I hope she did not buy the man o

  5. I am sure he’s a foreigner like Maheeda’s husband. They can take shits lol

  6. I think it’s a publicity stunt if you ask me

  7. Aunty, take it easy abeg, na so you want relevance reach. Marriage is a union between two adults who are either in love or a victim of certain circumstances... so far you are not marrying all your fans, please do it privately and leave trash for lawma,

  8. Fingers crossed