Thursday, January 28, 2016

Eritrea Forced Polygamy Story Is FALSE

Oh dear, Standard Newspaper on Monday published the story and misled all of us, LOL. A satirical story that Eritrean men have been ordered to marry at least two wives, which has been shared across Africa has turned out to be FALSE.

"Even a madman in [the Eritrean capital] Asmara would know that this story was not true," an Eritrean official told the BBC.

The hoax was first published online on a Kenyan news site called Crazy Monday. Some men have even declared their readiness to relocate to Eritrea to find a new wife.

Crazy Monday, which is published by the Standard newspaper, is well known for its focus on scandalous stories and gossip as part of an attempt to attract a younger readership, says Mathias Muindi from the BBC's media monitoring service unknown to us.

But this has gone wide in so many African countries with Nigeria and South Africa taking the lead.

As you know, it has been trending on Nigerian Twitter for days with some sharing links to the Eritrea's visa application documents. Some male celebrities have even joked about relocating to Eritrea with so many memes also been passed around. So now you know, it’s false, let it slide. Lol.


  1. Replies
    1. It might still be true

  2. Ladun lol una no go kill us o...Haba 1 man plenty wifes

  3. Am sure some guys will be heart broken by this news. Lolz

  4. Wow so it wasnt true

  5. knew it. Checked their population stats by age group, no evidence of scarcity of men

  6. Bad market for some

  7. Really? Lol we have being deceived

  8. Rumours don’t start like that. No smoke without fire

  9. I knew the story was false right from the onset

  10. Not all of us. There were some of us on Facebook who immediately did a Google search becos Eritrea is half Christian, half muslim. Besides ratio of men to women is 1:1. Na una dey look for sensational stories so you don't factcheck - Newyorker