Sunday, January 3, 2016

Open Letter To Everyone Interested In The Davido/Sophia Momodu Baby Abduction Saga

Well that’s the headline the sender gave it. He also claimed that Sophia lived with Davido for a long time at his home and interested people can go ahead and investigate. According to the sender, Davido’s housekeepers, gateman all know Sophia to be Oga’s girlfriend. Read….

Dear Nigerians, Africans and anywhere else who cares, I am a VERY close family friend to the Adelekes and have been around even since when Sophia and David met. I ONLY remain anonymous for the sake of my well-being. But I want to address the latest scandal between Sophia Momodu and David Adeleke.

I speak up NOW after reading the latest letter supposedly written by David and the pictures he has post. Because I am sick and tired of his oppression with his surname and daddy's money. For years, I've watched this family mistreat people due to their "status"(Dads 'wealth' from stolen funds) YET,  No ONE speaks up to him in the home because he is the "baby" and the "superstar".

He always had and has his way. In our culture we do not disrespect our elders but everywhere we go he does. Ask immigration officers, banking officials: omo my guy is rude! And you guys have seen, read severally on social media his continuous lack of manners towards Mr Dele Momodu...still up to date referrin to Mr Dele "daring" and insulting him and his wife. No fear. No regard. No respect. Who even raised you self? 

That's another story a wild lost child that came into fame with his silver spoon. That's what we all silently describe you as David but you get the money so we keep quiet....and drink!I highly disbelieve David wrote that piece/letter. He barely passed his classes in high school abroad and we all know he paid his way through university here (really Nigerians? How can David truly "study" when he was never in classes?,

Skelewu'ing all over the world ) (#RhetoricalQuestion)...his songs he doesn't even write them.. This is probably the helpings of that half sister of his, Coco which David used to frantically warns us to be careful with her for she has psychological issues: depression and bipolarism after her failed marriage she went crazy and basically hates the world. I don't like her personally but we deal with her because she is so intrusive and noisy into David's buisness. We Only tolerate her because of David. She even slapped one of our family friends and threw him out of the house. She doesn't keep househelp she uses them accuses them of stealing and doesn't pay her workers.  She has had a personal vendetta against Sophia when she realize david was falling in love with her. Don't get me wrong I don't like Sophia neither....shes no perfect angel, she also spoiled him. Always there. She was always there. Accepting tolerating his bull shit! Even his friends we found her as a threat. I even would lie to him that I saw her out with men. but she was the girlfriend  to David 'Davido' Adeleke for almost three years. They BOTH smoked weed together in FACT he would boast how well she performed in bed after they would get high together. They had a good time together. He always spoke of how sweet and humble she was. Even wished her Happy Birthday on Instagram in front of his hundred and thousands of followers that was two years year didn't you all read it "ur great person with such a beautiful heart!! U make me happy!!! Have a great day!! Love you!! (with a heart and a smiley kissing heart). She is an upcoming fashion/jewerly designer, she sold bespoke clothing in Abuja.. and he would state how he would open up a shop for her.... So .....NOW he is stating she's this and she's that trying to portray her in as if she was a one night stand...they had sex with no condom big deal! That was his girlfriend. When married people are sexing their bosses , pastors and househelp with no condoms. Leave matta!But I noticed when Sophia was pregnant she did not smoke,David would speak on how healthy and conscious Sophia was... while pregnant...always cautious.

He even threw her a babyshowers and he attended!!!! We all saw the pictures. Does that sound like a
one night stand or a relationship he wasn't invested in? Yes,there were different rumours about Sophia yet David still liked her. Everyone has a past...but David Liked her enough to move her to Lagos to stay with him. Despite the "uneducation, drifter, diabolical" ways you have now discovered. 

They lived together in his home.  She had clothes there. The cleaners, the chef knew her to be Davidos "main babe". ("main" because David has many. Some he would pass on to us after he was done one reason we call him the Baddest).  He bought her things , they traveled together. He gave her money. Your playing the victim well David we would always joke you should do Nollywood films too. Now,  your the victim due to "seat mate"---of a drifter? Seat-mate abi? So was she in business class or you in economy class...where could this drifter be flying to??!! A drifter who you just allowed randomly in your home because of "compassion" you should apply to the ECOWAS and United Nations a "drifter" that was so close to you that knew our late mum name was Imade and named the baby after your mother? Drifter ni? Super cunning ko? David your rants are not straight and I MUST clear the air! (please is this new : toasting your mate whether: in a boyfriend/girlfriend or toaster or mugu or jigolo type of situation?)

#RhetoricalQuestion leave matta! He rented an apartment for her because like his normal controlling
 ways wanting to monitor her. He would come as he pleases anytime yet she would cry and complain he doesn't come enough and when he does its for few hours. Please ask these questions? what does age have to do with anything? David keeps crying " I'm 21,im 21 "I'm very young" at 21 you don't know what your doing now at 23 your still talking about sexing Kim Kardashian back of Bentley...leave age matter! the majority of the girls David sexes all over the place and involved in are all OLDER. Leave matta. You were not ready to be a father but your busy fucking up and down?Yes , call me a hater. Call me a trader. Call me....


  1. The reason why I stand behind Sophie, forget dis rich kids always feel entitled! U wud knw if u dn come from much n u re involved with a rich kid! Stupid david!

    1. She too what was she looking for. She knew what she was getting herself into. Please what is her career at age 28. Only known for being a 21 year old's baby mama. Abag

  2. uncle Dele Momodu l saw your writing keep it up.

  3. See as she carry matter for head

    Who càres


  4. Nothing can make me hate davido. Train your uncultured niece smh

  5. You have actually not said anything

  6. You are a bad friend. It is people like you that they call friend-enemy. People should see you and run. I pity those who are still your friend. Nonsense he goat

  7. Thanks for speaking the truth, she cannot just be a one night stand... almost all wealthy people try to intimidate with their money..

  8. Mr Dele momodu l really sorry with this you story you lose your respect.

  9. Hmmmmmmmmmmm,interesting!!!!

  10. Hahahaha
    I love you anonymous poster..Mwahh !!

  11. Biko we are tired of this story oga anonymous what sort of story is this didn't Davido say all this things,when her uncle decided to air their annoying story to the world where were you biko shift

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  13. This person don take am personal gan ni ke

  14. Rubbish...why are u just coming out now when Davido & his baby mama are having issues?. You are a liar,and a devil in disguiuse. Oloriburuku omo.

  15. Ladun's biggest fan03 January, 2016 22:17

    This one isn't helping matters. All of them should gather in one place away from social media and sort this out. The child's well being is the most important thing.

  16. Abeg this fool should shut up and take a back seat. If you can't mention your name or hard facts which you can back up...please f**k off. This is no time for haters seeking glory.

  17. Abeg shut ur gutter coward,davido wrote his name u ur an anonymous,u no get liver,hw we wan tek bliv u.

  18. Oboy this is real. Wow! Davido is an ASS.. A man hore. HOTTEST NAIJA GOSSIP BLOG

  19. Ku oro enu mr writer

  20. letter abi kinni wonpe?? weldone writer

  21. Everybody with their own story,please we have heared enough and also tired of the adelekes,now am hearing it for the first or is it just only me coco has a failed marriage.

  22. I wonder how people read and assimilate these days...more still, I wonder how we think and where all our wisdom is! I also wonder how people follow and idolize blindly all in the name of "Celebrity". Being a fan shouldn't cloud our sense of reasoning and judgements! As far as I'm concerned about Davido, every adult should be bold enough to take responsibilities for his actions. Two people had unprotected sex and brought a child into the world and one of them is claiming to be younger and oblivious to his actions blaming it all on the woman. A lot of matured people have married older women and have successful marriages...Ask Peter Okoye of Psquare and Dare Art Alade. We all know Davido is a smoker and dis-respectful. Reading all his posts should get anyone with dignity and home training nauseous. Whatever the woman is, I believe no baby should be separated from his/her mother at that tender age. Why was Coco and Davido traveling without the baby's mother if they didn't have any sinister motive moreso lying about the maternity of the baby at the airport? I'm not even as sick as with Davido as with his praise singers who are all blindly following him whether he his wrong or right all because he is rich. Let's all be reasonable and put ourselves in the shoes of both parties and see whether we'll still make the same comments we made. Some people are so blind and quick to condemn forgetting they are worse, dragging Dele Momodu's name into every comment. So what if he didn't give his neice or cousin money??! Is he the one responsible for the pregnancy and baby?! So what if he's supporting his cousin?! Wouldn't you support your own if you see a more wealthy family trying to take advantage of them? So what if Davido has been paying Sophie money for upkeep? Isn't that what a responsible baby father should do? When the going was good Davido didn't complain and y'all didn't know anything about their relationship. Abeg Davido and his family should do things the right way and not try to take a 7 months old baby from his mother. If he cares so much for his child he can go the extra mile to rehabilitate his baby mama and himself {bcos he isn't clean too} for the sake of the baby so his child can grow up with the kind of love and life he wants for her not subjecting the innocent child to the humiliation of power and wealth tussle. And YES I believe this anonymous writer cos we all saw tweets and pictures from before Sophie became a baby mama to Davido, when the going was good. Or do you throw a baby shower for someone you were being forced or lured into dating? Shallow minded myopic fans should please open their eyes and stop putting blames on Dele Momodu and Sophie.....#experiencedmother #davido'sfan #haterofinjustice #humanconscienceawakener #commonsenselender

  23. This is what they call a man's enemy is within is household, your friends should run from you snitch. Are you backing Sophie up for smoking?

  24. Too long and I managed to read, isn't that waste of time nd data? This writer is truly a Frenemy

  25. Must davido marry d girl.he no do again.find your way.she wants to b with him by force using d baby as an she d first baby mama