Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Photo: Policeman’s Widow Commits Suicide

One month after losing her husband, the widow of a policeman, Mrs Philomena Asuquo, has committed suicide. The incident occurred at the Police Barracks on Sagamu Road in Ikorodu on New Year’s Eve.

The late Mrs Asuquo, whose late husband, Inspector Uwem Asuquo was yet to be buried, was said to have drunk sniper, an insecticide, out of frustration.

According to her 19-year-old son, Shadrach, who rushed her to the Ikorodu General Hospital, she had been depressed since her husband died last November. He said he ran into his mother’s room, after perceiving an insecticide’s odour around the living room and found her on the floor holding her stomach. He immediately took her to the hospital where she died.


  1. Suicide has never been the best option but what can we say? Her life,her choice,even though it's sad,life goes on.

  2. Wow that's never the way out

  3. So sad....may her soul rest in peace

  4. What did police do to help the woman and her family after the death of her husband? Did the woman think that killing herself would end her suffering? Hell no... She just put her children into suffering

    1. People who have Major depression (like this dead woman before she killed herself) lack the power and ability to think rationally like normal people.
      It is not therefore not right for you to be blaming this dead woman.

      I think that the relatives should be blamed for the death of this woman instead of us blaming this woman.

      The relatives ought to have noticed how very sad and withdrawn the woman was and they ought to have taken this woman to the hospital. If they couldn't do this, they ought to have at least kept a close watch on her.

      Grief is a very serious issue and must not be taken lightly as some people can't just cope during that period, then they over grief and they then succumb and kill themselves.
      This is exactly what happened here.

      For people like this woman, help is available, but family members must seek for that help for their loved ones that are in need of such help.

      Also, l noticed a trend nowadays where a significant numbers of our people (mostly women) are now going into serious Major depression and killing themselves by ingesting insecticides.

      May be this problem has been happening for a long number of years but the bloggers on the internet are the ones that are now exposing the problem for us all to see.

      Be it as it may, I think our government need to look into it and our people should be educated about what to look for and how they can seek help once they have family members that are likely to be Depressed like this dead woman.

      I am sure this dead woman' son may have been able to save his mother had he been empowered about the issue of grief.

      May her soul rest in peace.


  5. Abasi mi

    This is too sad mbok



  6. Suicide is never an option. I pity their children. What a life

  7. ehya!...may be she couldn't bear the lost

  8. Sucide is never an option. May God have mercy on her soul

  9. Why do people commit suicide sef


  11. selfish decision..where are your kids to start from?