Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ooni Of Ife Takes Unity Train To Tinubu’s House In Lagos (Photos)

The new Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja II yesterday paid a courtesy visit to one of APC’s National Leaders, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu yesterday at his home in Lagos. The Ooni said his visit was part of his agenda to unite Yoruba’s sons and daughters all over the world. 


  1. How does his visit unite Yoruba children?

  2. Everyone is pay visits these days. A good one.

  3. This is good

    I love this man

    See the @Abobaku wen Sidon for floor head...kikikiki


  4. I love this man

  5. Let the train go to the East too

    1. Fuck the east.
      Let the east do the same and unite amongst themselves. That is what Yorubas should advise the eastern people to do.

      Yoruba Obas going to the east to meet iyamirin leaders will achieve nothing but encourage the iyanmirins to be claiming Yoruba land is no man' land.

      Why should any Yoruba with a sane mind meet and encourage unity with Igbos who feels that Yoruba' heritage is no man' heritage?

      The aim and aspiration of Igbos is to claim ownership of others properties. So, why should Yorubas form unity with people with that mindset? Go to YouTube and listen to what the late Ahmadu Bello(Premier of Northern region) said about the Igbos, if you think I am just being irrational about the Igbos.

      What are we, Yorubas going to achieve by forming unity with omo Igbos? Nothing.

      We should find a way of kicking them back to the east for them to go and develop the east and stay there instead of doing anything that will encourage them to sit put on our land while at the same time spewing thrash about us.

      Yoruba land is already overcrowded. We need space. Our schools from primary schools to Universities are overcrowded. Our civil services are also overcrowded. Our hospitals are also at maximum capacity of usage. Our roads are all under maximum use everyday.
      How long are we going to be like this?

      It is as if we, Yorubas are under siege on our own land by locusts.
      Our politicians and each Yorubas individually need to start thinking of ways to put a stop to this madness of people trooping down to Yoruba land once they come out of their mother' vagina.

      Should the Ooni make the mistake and dare go to the east, then his support among the Yorubas will start to decay. He will then start losing the support of the Yorubas.

      The Ooni can go to the north to solidify Yorubas relationship with the northerners, because the northerners are fair players and they don't leave their land in large numbers as being done by the Igbos but that should be after he has achieved his aim of uniting Yorubas first. In fact, the late Ooni, Oba Sijuade used to be a close ally of the late Emir of Kano(Sanusi Lamido'' uncle)

      No, the Ooni must not and NEVER go to the east.
      I totally disagree with you as I see nothing beneficial being achieved with having a relationship with those who see themselves first before others.


  6. Obasanjo visited him at his place, he visited tinubu at home

  7. Very thoughtful of him

  8. The main reason youths must take over the government of Nigeria. There will definitely be a

  9. Integrating all yorubas around the world is the

  10. Hi Ladun!! Showa ok? One week no update..... Hope all is well? U are loved oh!! Remain blessed....