Monday, August 22, 2016

20-Year Old Brazilian Student Exposes Bedroom Relationship With USAIN BOLT (Photos)

Oh dear what will he tell his long time girlfriend that has been celebrating his victory online. She keeps praising him and writing my babyyyyyyyyy. How will he deny this, when truly photos don’t lie, chai!

A twenty-year-old student from Rio has shared photos of what appear to be her with Usain Bolt after a wild night of partying on the final weekend of the Olympics.

Jady Duarte shared WhatsApp pictures that show her wearing a white top while embracing a bare-torsoed Bolt who has a long-term girlfriend.

In one of the photos which first appeared on several Brazilian websites including El Globo after Duarte shared them with friends - Bolt seems to give Duarte a kiss on the cheek while she looks into the camera.

The Jamaican sprinter, who turned 30 on Sunday, was also pictured partying until the early hours of the morning at All In, a club in the Barra de Tijuca suburb of Rio.

Speaking to local newspaper Extra, Duarte said she hadn't realized that she was with a famous athlete and described their nocturnal encounter as 'normal'.


  1. Men are not holy

  2. Believe her and believe anything. She knows his status and that was why she shared the photos

  3. I think cheating Is allowed with his status. The media just blew up the relationship everywia

  4. but is he married to the so called long term girlfriend?