Saturday, August 27, 2016

9ice To Name New Album ‘ID Cabasa’ All Proceeds Goes To Him As Well

9ice has disclosed to Saturday Beats that he is back to his first producer, ID Cabasa, and as a matter of fact he is dedicating his album which is due for release in October to Cabasa by naming it after the music producer. He also disclosed that all proceeds from the sale of the album would be given to Cabasa. He disclosed that he decided to do this to appreciate Cabasa who has been there for him from day one. He also spoke about his now pleasant relationship with Ruggedman saying they even have a song together which would also feature in the new album. He said;

“I am currently working on an album that would come out in October and I would title it ‘ID Cabasa’. I am dedicating the album to ID Cabasa and all the remuneration and profits from the album would go to him. All the money I make from the album would go to Cabasa because of all the work he has done for me from the time of ‘Gongo Aso.’ When I was nobody, he was there for me; there is a difference between someone believing in you and someone encouraging you. ID Cabasa believed in me and encouraged me through his platform. Cabasa is going to produce some of the tracks on the album and he welcomed the development.”

On his collaboration with Ruggedman after six years of controversy he said;

“I am happy that I collaborated on a song with Ruggedman. I am moving ahead in life; there is a point in life where you have to look back at where you are coming from and where you are going to. While we are going up the ladder of success, there are people who are part of our success. Ruggedman was part of my success story so there is no point for us keeping malice. That is the reason we came back together,” he said.


  1. Nice one
    this shows you are now mature

  2. A bit too late in the day for him, he turned against his friend and producer ID Cabasa, because of fame and money. He even subtly accused Ruggedman one of his mentors of sleeping with his wife and denied it privately, but couldn't come out publicly to squash the rumour. And now that he's no longer in the limelight he's trying desperately to make amends. What a shame!

  3. Now you know they contributed to your career

  4. Can't wait for the album to be released