Thursday, August 18, 2016

Angela Okorie Gets 300+ Comments Over Birthday Outfit

The actress who was a year older yesterday had a dinner/grand party at a place in festac last night. But it seems her fans aren’t happy with her outfit. A lot of them called her out saying she should learn from her senior colleagues who are more successful and will never wear a ‘rag’ like hers. Some even said she should protect her husband’s property and said she has a son who looks up to her and would  not be happy to see his mom like this. However, some fans also felt nothing was wrong with the outfit and they praised and wished her a happy birthday.

It didn’t end there, as fans also took on Anita Joseph’s arm! But what is Anita’s own there? Lol


  1. She shld have worn a plunging neck line and make a shorter skirt sef, since its her bday. Dressing like harlot upandan.

  2. Nonsense, she cnt dressed properly lyk a woman

  3. Nigerian celebs are too desperate