Friday, August 12, 2016

Anorexic Dancer Weds Soulmate Who Gave Her A Reason To Live

An anorexic dancer has married the man she says saved her life with a touching list of reasons to live which ended with: "Will you marry me?".

Boyfriend Chris Weir drew up the romantic note after watching Emma Stokes become dangerously thin, plummeting from a healthy 9st 2lbs to just 6st 7lbs.

Emma, 26, would exercise for six hours a day and only eat tiny portions of lettuce, vegetables and a single Weetabix with watery milk less than 600 calories a day.

For two years, Chris, 26, helplessly saw the love of his life deteriorate before his eyes until size six clothes were baggy on her tiny frame.

But she only started to get better after he gave her a touching list of reasons why he wanted her to be healthy, which ended with 10 reason to MARRY him.

A year and a half later, the pair from Huntington, Cheshire, tied the knot on Monday.

Delighted Emma, who now weighs around 7st 7lbs and is still gaining weight, said: "I do truly believe that Chris' list helped save me. "I work really well towards goals - I always have.

"He has never once given up on me. He said that he wanted to marry me, even at my worst, and I thought 'I've found someone here'. "The wedding day was amazing. I would not have changed a thing.

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