Monday, August 29, 2016

Chika Ike Posts Goodnight Photo As Fans Ask ‘Who Took The Photo’

Lol, I can’t with some Nigerians, loool. I just watched a video online this morning that says, not all dinners, not everything that happens in your relationship must be shared on instagram, bla bla and I totally agree with her, like many Nigerians did. If only Chika didn’t post this photo now. So the actress who went to bed early last night posted the above photo on her IG page, and fans went in on her. One said, ‘Another hotel night?’ (Meaning? Lol troublemaker). Another said, who took the photo? While another said, I know that signature, it’s Eko Hotel.

Hehehe, how many of you have slept at Eko Hotel before? Can you confirm it’s true? Their words below…