Saturday, August 27, 2016

Boy Jailed For 7 Years For Running ISIS WhatsApp Group

The cousin of teen terror twins has been jailed for setting up an ISIS communications hub using WhatsApp in his bedroom.

From his mum’s home in Manchester, Abdullahi Ahmed Jama Farah, now 20, created the “hub of communication” for his “Mandem” group of like-minded extremists in 2013.

Following a trial at the Old Bailey, the defendant was found guilty of preparing for terrorist acts by attempting to facilitate Nur Hassan, 19, from Manchester, to travel to Syria to fight.

Judge Michael Topolski sentenced him to seven years’ detention and a further three years on extended licence.

The judge told him that the extent of his radicalisation was “considerable”, saying: “Your support for jihad was global and offensive in nature and not defensive and limited to Syria.”

He went on: “Your conduct demonstrated a significant degree of sophistication as well as determination and commitment.

“I am satisfied that what motivated you to assist was the very same set of extremist beliefs that motivated your friends to travel and train and fight and, if necessary, to die.”