Saturday, August 6, 2016

Dark Skinned Actresses Are More Favoured In Nollywood- Chelsea Eze

Strange, but Chelsea says, dark skinned actresses are more favoured in Nollywood in a way. The actress said her skin colour has worked against her several times with producers saying she is too ‘yellow’ and if some have to use her, the makeup artiste on set makes her look dark. Here’s what she said to Ademola Olonilua when asked if her complexion has ever worked against her.

Yes. There have been some projects that I was supposed to be involved in but I was told that I am too light skinned for the part. I remember when Kunle Afolayan wanted to do the cast for Figurine, I asked him if I could come for auditions but he told me that I am too ‘yellow’. There are some characters you need to play but you have to be dark skinned. I have had cases where I have to play some certain character and the make-up artiste makes me look very dark. Sometimes my complexion does not always favour me but I will not change my skin hue for any reason.


  1. B4 nko?? In Hollywood, light skinned. African american are mover favored.

  2. I doubt it jor. If it is true why do most of them bleach