Friday, August 5, 2016

Father Charged With Manslaughter After Leaving Twin Girls To Die in Hot Car

The father of two 15-month-old girls who died after being left in a searing hot car has been arrested for involuntary manslaughter.

Asa North, 24, left his toddlers, Ariel and Alaynah, strapped to their seats on a sweltering summer day in Georgia, U.S, before they were pronounced dead after being rushed to hospital on Thursday.

The children were pulled from the vehicle by concerned neighbours according to police in Carroll County.

Authorities confirmed that the father of the toddlers has been arrested and charged after the tragic incident.
Investigators revealed the mother was at a hospital in Atlanta when the tragedy occurred, after being involved in a car accident.

Data from the nearby Carrollton West Georgia Regional Airport said temperatures peaked at over 32C on Thursday afternoon.

Carrollton Police Captain Chris Dobbs, whose department are leading the investigation, spoke about the neighbours’ valiant to save the youngsters.

He said: "There were some individuals holding the infants in a pool and actually had some ice packs also.”

The entire community has been shocked by the tragedy.