Saturday, August 6, 2016

Faze Speaks On Buying Fake Designer Clothes, Tips On Knowing The Original

Singer Faze has admitted he once bought a fake designer cloth and never knew until he wore it for a performance. He however said he has learnt his lessons and now look well before buying. He also gave his fans some tips to watch out for when trying to purchase good quality clothes.

Have you ever bought a designer wear before only to discover later that it was fake?
Yes, I have. And I must say it was a painful thing to experience, especially when you don’t get value for your money on the things you buy. That could have happened because I was in a hurry to shop that day, so I did not have enough time to check the wear properly. It was a shop I wasn’t used to. Continue...

What did you do after the discovery?
It was more painful because I couldn’t do anything about the matter. I couldn’t make any complaint simply because I was going for a performance at an event that day and it was getting late and I needed to put on something new. So I just popped into the shop to get the outfit. It was after the performance I found out it was fake. I didn’t bother to go back to the store to make complaint. There are some situations you just accept and move on. You just need to learn a lesson from every experience. Now when I shop I take my time very well to be sure of what I buy.

Which fashion designer are you most obsessed with?
I love Gucci. It’s an Italian luxury brand.

Why Gucci?
I love them because they’re outstanding in design, which is hard to imitate; even when they are imitated, you would know if you are familiar with the brand.

What’s the maximum amount you would spend on Gucci wears?
It all depends on what I’m buying. But bear at the back of your mind that genuine luxury wears don’t come cheap. They are expensive.

Which shopping method do you prefer — online or offline? And why?
I prefer online shopping because it saves me time and cost. When it comes to offline shopping, it can be tedious going from one shop to the other. And in the end, you may not get exactly what you want. When it comes to online shopping too, it can be difficult, even though there are many stores online and you might not know where to buy from. If I want to buy online, I go to stores I can trust.

What do you do to your old fashion items?
I keep some of them because they still go with the trend no matter the number of years I’ve been using them. And sometimes I give out some of them.

What is the best fashion tip you’ve ever received?
Always stay trendy.

What shopping tips would you give Nigerians?
When shopping online or offline, make sure you know the company you’re buying from very well. There are tricksters out there on both mediums who are looking for Nigerians to dupe. Be careful.


  1. I hate online shopping,i bought a fake Betsy johnson charm bracelet frm amazon.

  2. Is he saying he has never bought a fake cloth knowingly before