Monday, August 29, 2016

Fayose Signs Open Grazing Prohibition Bill Into Law In Ekiti State

Governor Ayodele Fayose today signed the Ekiti State Open Grazing Prohibition Bill into law in the presence of over 3,000 Traditional Chiefs.

Under the law, herdsmen are forbidden from carrying arms and movement of cows and other animals from one location to another.

The law prescribes six months imprisonment without option of fine for any herdsman who violates the grazing prohibition while any herdsman found with arms will be charged with terrorism.


  1. God bless and strengthen you sir.

  2. Not a single Igbo governor in any of those Igbo states can try this despite all the killings on their God-given land by herdsmen?
    Yet, they will be opening their mouths to call Yorubas cowards.

    Now, who are cowards in Nigeria between them and the Yorubas?

    The other time, one Igbo governor started crying after witnessing the killing of his people by herdsmen.

    A grown ass man, a whole governor who is also the chief security officer of his own Igbo state with all the apparatus of the state at his disposal started crying instead of taking decisive actions against the herdsmen that killed his people.

    The freaking Igbo governor broke down like a piece of pussie instead of being strong.
    Instead of showing courage and leadership, he started weeping. LMAO.

    Pathetic set of people. Na only mouth to talk rubbish, them get.

    The only thing the igbos know how to do best is to start wars they have no clue of winning.

    Though I am not a fan of Gov Fayose, but with this action that he has taken, I hope yanmirins will not be opening their offensive mouths to insult Yorubas by calling them cowards ever again.