Friday, August 5, 2016

Heartbreaking Moment Dog Tries To Wake Up Pal After He's Run Over By Car

A dog refused to leave his friend's side after he was run over and killed by a car . The distraught canine was repeatedly pawing and licking him and nudging him with his head in a desperate bid to try and wake him up.

When that failed, he attempted to raise the alarm by barking repeatedly at passing cars, while watching over his mate's lifeless body.

The moving scene took place in the district of Sunampe, in Peru’s northern Chincha province.

According to a local resident who captured the heartbreaking footage the two brown dogs, who look to be a similar size and breed, were inseparable and may have been related.

But many users also criticised the person who filmed the incident for not helping the dog that was clearly in distress.

One user wrote: "For God’s sake, the person who filmed this video is a piece of sh*t.
"He just filmed it instead of helping the poor dog."


  1. Why are they blaming the woman. What could she have done to help smh

    1. Who said it was a woman who filmed it