Monday, August 8, 2016

Husband FORGIVES Wife After She Stabbed Him Twice In The Chest

A husband has forgiven his wife after she stabbed him in the chest during a New Year's Eve party, a court has heard.

Margaret Lester grabbed a knife after drinking heavily while on medication at her home in Stockton-on-Tees, Gazette Live reports.

The 57-year-old then stabbed her spouse twice as he sat on a couch, leaving a 2cm-deep wound in his chest, Teesside Crown Court was told.

But despite the attack, Lester's husband - who also suffered a less serious 5mm-deep cut to his arm - has forgiven his wife, the court heard.

Now, Lester has been spared jail after a judge heard how the assault last December was 'out of character' and her partner had forgiven her.

The couple had invited friends over to their Stockton home for dinner at New Year.

Paul Newcombe, prosecuting, said: “During the evening all parties had been drinking heavily.

“The defendant’s mood darkened and witnesses present sensed trouble.”

A heated argument followed which led to Lester taking a knife and stabbing her husband twice as he sat on the couch.

Horrified guests called police and Lester was arrested. She fell ill in custody and was taken by officers to hospital where she expressed remorse for what she had done.

The court heard that Lester’s husband has supported her, and did not want his wife to go to prison.

Sentencing Lester, Judge Tony Briggs described the offence as 'a serious knife attack'.

But he told the defendant: “It is perfectly plain you have had a significant number of serious problems. It was totally out of character.”

He gave her a 21-month prison sentence which was suspended for two years.

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