Saturday, August 27, 2016

Internet Goes Crazy For Handsome Cop Who Posted Safety Advice On Facebook

A police tweet about festival safety has gone viral because of the handsome cop fronting the campaign.

Pics of #OfficerHotstuff, aka Detective Superintendent Bobby Singleton, were shared thousands of times online. The good looking bobby has now become an overnight phenomenon.

The original post, from the Police Service of Northern Ireland sought to warn revellers ahead of the Tennent’s Vital music festival.

The event fronted by rocker legends Red Hot Chili Peppers, took place in Belfast this weekend.

Police offered safety tips on parking and drinking responsibly all of which was made redundant by attached photos of the hunky man in a uniform.

People took to Twitter to declare their admiration for DS Singleton.

One wrote: “Is he available for parties?”

A man said: “I like to think I’m straight, but even I looked at that picture and thought ‘Jesus, he’s handsome!”

Another person added: “He can arrest me any day.”


  1. Women can obsess over rubbish. What is the big deal about this guy na. Jamiu under bridge is fine too na money he no get to clean up-Newyorker

    1. Lmao...👋🏽👋🏽 true talk!

  2. Looks a little like Beckham