Monday, August 29, 2016

Is Your Child/Ward Suffering From Any Education Deficiencies

At Smart Learning, we aim to help students with coordination, learning difficulties and behavioural problems. It is important to identify the source of the problem as learning is not all in the mind and physical factors could be hindering his/her academic progress.

We assess and offer interventions for children and adolescents who have either been diagnosed with a specific learning difficulty or who are under-achieving, despite good levels of ability and intelligence. A full diagnostic assessment will enable us to evaluate and tailor make a programme with a learning syllabus to suit his/her specific needs. Continue below…

Does your child struggle in any of the following areas?

Difficulty in Mathematics

Coordination difficulties

Poor speech

Awareness of speech sounds

Hyper or Hypo-sensitivity to sounds

Understanding and remembering information and instructions

General Academic under-achievement

Self esteem and self confidence

School Readiness

Difficulties in Reading, Writing and/or Spelling

Poor handwriting skills



Attention Deficit Disorder

Concentration problems

Seems to be disorganised and has difficulty staying on task

Poor memory

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