Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Little Boy's Hilarious Answer To A School Test Question Goes Viral

A child's hilarious response to a school test question has gone viral but not everyone is convinced it's genuine. Posted to image-sharing site Imgur by Millhousenstein, believed to be from the US, the image shows a child called Austin's writing and drawing exercise in his first week at kindergarten.

Asked to complete the sentence starting with 'hands are for...', the boy simply wrote: 'Touching balls.'

The picture, titled 'My son's first week in kindergarten off to a great start...', has already been viewed more than 328,000 times.

Although not all the commenters agree that the photo is genuine, with some saying the handwriting is too neat for a boy of five. They also say the handwriting is different in both the boy's name and the answer to the question.