Saturday, August 20, 2016

Man Falls Asleep In Shop Massage Chair Then Wakes Up Hours Later To Find Himself Locked In

A man who fell asleep in a massage chair when he was at a department store had a shock when he woke up to find he was LOCKED IN.

The man, identified only by his Twitter name @_Asphodelus__ , was in the Japanese electronics shop Ks when he got a little bit too relaxed.

In order to escape, he took to Twitter to ask his followers for help on August 15.

“Oh man, I’m locked in!” read one tweet, posted alongside snapshots of the store's security gates.

Luckily, he contacted the police who let the shop owners know and he was soon freed, according to RocketNews24 - but not before the police made sure he hadn't removed any goods from the shop, he posted online.

The manager apologised that no one had woken him up and he, in turn, said he was sorry for dozing off in the relaxing chair.


  1. Lol... He was lucky he had his phone with him.

  2. That chair would soon get a buyer. It must be really fantastic! For it to massage and sooth him to sleep!

  3. Carelessness. Why didnt they look well before locking him in

  4. Must be a great chair, that one!